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The Arts Department Presents: ANYTHING GOES

The Arts Department has done it again with another successful winter musical! This year’s production was Anything Goes, with music and lyrics by Cole Porter and a book by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse later revised by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.

The story takes place on a transatlantic ocean liner on which a nightclub singer poses as a gangster’s henchman to follow the runaway (and engaged) heiress he loves to England.

The MacDuffie performances, presented by a special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc., were held March 3-5. The musical was directed by Ted Lyman, with Asia Meirovich as Music Director, Angie Muzzy as Choreographer, and Becky Beth Benedict as Producer.

“The cast embodies the multicultural nature of MacDuffie,” said Ted Lyman, directed Anything Goes for the fourth time. “They are talented, enthusiastic students exploring an art form that is distinctly American—the golden age of Broadway.”

More than 40 students (and even a few faculty and staff) took part in the production. Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you to everyone who attended. Bon Voyage!

(Photo credit: Janet Xie ’17)

Sixth Annual Run for Hope 5K

Join us for our 6th annual  Run for Hope 5K!

The student-organized event takes place on Saturday, April 29 at 10am, and this year’s proceeds will go to  Hope for Haiti. Registration is now open.

The cross country course is on and around the MacDuffie campus. Runners can opt to participate in the regular course or the Color Run course, and a Fun Run/Walk 1-mile option is also available. See you at the start line!

Western Massachusetts Mathematics League Champions

Let’s hear it for the Math Team, the 2016-2017 Western Massachusetts Mathematics League Champions!

MacDuffie’s mathletes came in first place in their final meet and finished in first place for the season (Longmeadow was second and Deerfield was third). This was a rewarding season indeed–as Mr. Shelburne, faculty advisor for the Math Team, notes: “We have finished in second place the last two years, behind Deerfield.”

The team will compete at the State meet on March 31.  Congratulations on all the hard work and success so far!

Honor Roll–First Semester 2016-17

Congratulations to the students who made the Honor Roll for the first semester of the 2016-17 year! Our list is sorted by grade and then alphabetically. Be proud, students (and parents!)–we certainly are!


Name Grade Recognition
Griffin, Sophie 6 Maximum Honors
Mason, Julianna 6 Maximum Honors
Mavlouganes, Zachary 6 Honors
O’Connor, Vivian 6 Maximum Honors
Shumway, Gabriel 6 Maximum Honors
Tramazzo, Reece 6 Maximum Honors
Brown, Liam 7 High Honors
Brown, Malcolm 7 Honors
Donnelly, Hannah 7 Maximum Honors
Hua, Marie 7 Maximum Honors
Jacques, Samantha 7 Maximum Honors
Nunes, Emmi 7 High Honors
Polga, Piper 7 High Honors
Rogers, Kiara 7 Maximum Honors
Squire, Brian 7 Maximum Honors
Stetson, Sophie 7 Honors
Belanovich, Mikhail 8 Honors
Griffin, Lily 8 Maximum Honors
Hernandez, Madilyn 8 Honors
Ludkiewicz, Katarzyna 8 Maximum Honors
Luis, Jaidan 8 High Honors
Mason, Sophia 8 Honors
Ouimet, Jillian 8 Maximum Honors
Roulier, Zachary 8 Maximum Honors
Vecchione, Victoria 8 Maximum Honors
Wang, Yunshu 8 Honors
Yoo, Eno 8 High Honors
Brown, Kyah 9 Maximum Honors
Bucklin, Jadon 9 High Honors
Chen, Yineng 9 Honors
DeAngelis, Chloe 9 Honors
Drost, Grace 9 High Honors
Fu, Yining 9 Maximum Honors
Holder, Jayden 9 High Honors
Hua, Ian 9 Maximum Honors
Jackson, Alison 9 Maximum Honors
Jacques, Megan 9 Maximum Honors
Kepnang Ndjong, Franck 9 Honors
LaChance, Madeleine 9 Maximum Honors
Levine, Maya 9 Maximum Honors
Lin, Peiyuan 9 Maximum Honors
Liu, Yujia 9 Honors
Lu, Ningxuan 9 High Honors
Messer, Dale 9 Honors
Nguyen, Nhung 9 Maximum Honors
Richard, Savannah 9 Effort
Sengun, Arda 9 High Honors
Shepard, Jordyn 9 High Honors
Sudsbury, Hannah 9 High Honors
Tishchenko, Daniela 9 Maximum Honors
Tumturk, Ayse Beyza 9 High Honors
Tuncer, Mehmet 9 High Honors
Wang, Si Jun 9 High Honors
Abrams, Jonah 10 High Honors
Basnet, Aurora 10 Maximum Honors
Brown, Georgianna 10 Honors
Chaudhry, Asmaa 10 Maximum Honors
Chen, Yanru 10 High Honors
Cloutier, Julia 10 High Honors
Galaktionov, Mikhail 10 High Honors
Hallowell, Yunxia 10 Maximum Honors
He, Ziqi 10 Maximum Honors
Judicki, Craig 10 Maximum Honors
Keser, Gabriella 10 Maximum Honors
LaDuke, Chloe 10 Maximum Honors
Lazarev, Kirill 10 Honors
Le, Quynh Huong 10 Maximum Honors
Legowski, Alexis 10 Honors
Lu, Jiachen 10 Honors
Lu, Yu 10 High Honors
Ludkiewicz, Anna 10 Maximum Honors
Marion, Ava 10 High Honors
Moriarty, Haley 10 Maximum Honors
Nguyen, Gia 10 Honors
Peterson, Nicolette 10 Maximum Honors
Pu, Chenxi 10 High Honors
Ramirez, Olivia 10 Maximum Honors
Roulier, Jacob 10 Honors
Scott, Sarah 10 Maximum Honors
Shaikh, Arhum 10 Maximum Honors
Sharp, Sophia 10 Maximum Honors
Sun, Mengqi 10 Maximum Honors
Wang, Zhenhao 10 High Honors
Wiesel, Talia 10 Maximum Honors
Wu, Liuye 10 Honors
Wu, Mengxi 10 Maximum Honors
Zhang, Zihao 10 High Honors
Zhao, Shiyu 10 Honors
Albanese, Owen 11 Honors
Anderson, Aniis 11 Honors
Auclair, Emilee 11 Maximum Honors
Buiadzhy, Anastasiia 11 High Honors
Chau, Long Nguyen An 11 Maximum Honors
Chen, Jeffrey 11 Maximum Honors
Chen, Yu 11 Honors
Co, Nguyen 11 High Honors
Deecher, Ethan 11 Maximum Honors
Enders, Nathan 11 Maximum Honors
Fang, Chufeng 11 High Honors
Garcia, Alvaro 11 Maximum Honors
Hao, Yicheng 11 High Honors
Hong, Seungyeon 11 Maximum Honors
Hong, Tae Seol 11 Honors
Hwang, Sin Hee 11 Maximum Honors
Jung, Maren 11 Maximum Honors
Khanna, Anubhav 11 Maximum Honors
Lee, Neville 11 High Honors
Li, Chenxi 11 Maximum Honors
Li, Hanyang 11 Maximum Honors
Liu, Ziyu 11 Maximum Honors
Lyu, Yuanjin 11 Maximum Honors
Mahdi, Khaylen 11 Honors
Maysonet-Ayala, Varona 11 High Honors
Oh, Hyunggwon 11 Honors
Oke, Mojolaoluwa 11 Maximum Honors
Os, Reagan 11 Honors
Pedersen, Vincent 11 Honors
Pham, Khanh 11 High Honors
Pluta, Taylor 11 Maximum Honors
Qiu, Tianxiang 11 Maximum Honors
Qu, Jinglin 11 High Honors
Quach, Phuong 11 Maximum Honors
Shim, Jaeyong 11 Honors
Skibel, Jordan 11 Effort
Soares, Sarah 11 Maximum Honors
St Onge, Jocelyn 11 High Honors
Stebbins, Ashley 11 Honors
Szczur, Samuel 11 Effort
Tkeshelashvili, Vakhtangi 11 Honors
Vo, Nam 11 Maximum Honors
Wang, Shilin 11 High Honors
Wang, Ziyang 11 High Honors
Wei, Yiran 11 Maximum Honors
Xiao, Tianyue 11 High Honors
Xu, Zixiao 11 Maximum Honors
Yilmaz, Beyza 11 Honors
Yin, Siyu 11 Honors
Yonten, Tenzin 11 High Honors
Zhu, Suchen 11 Maximum Honors
Ahmad, Moheet 12 Honors
Bui, Tuan Minh 12 High Honors
Buxton, Maria 12 Maximum Honors
Cauley, Shane 12 Honors
Chapin, Alexis 12 Maximum Honors
Chen, Lingfeng 12 Maximum Honors
Cheng, Guo 12 Maximum Honors
Costa, Matthew 12 Honors
Cupak, Delores 12 Maximum Honors
Deda, Lucia 12 High Honors
Dermody, Alexa 12 Honors
Eddington, Tawreak 12 Maximum Honors
Ford, Alana 12 Maximum Honors
Grondin, Jake 12 Effort
Hamadi, Eveline 12 Effort
Hartley, Clara 12 Maximum Honors
Ho, Henry 12 Maximum Honors
Hu, Yao 12 High Honors
Hurley, Courtney 12 Honors
Hurley, Jessica 12 High Honors
Hwang, Kunhee 12 Maximum Honors
Levesque, Madelyn 12 High Honors
Li, Xiangning 12 High Honors
Liu, Hangyi 12 Maximum Honors
Liu, Zixuan 12 Maximum Honors
Lu, Wenxun 12 High Honors
Ludkiewicz, Marek 12 Honors
Messbauer, Thomas 12 Maximum Honors
Murdock, Evan 12 Honors
Nacul, Nathalia 12 Honors
Nunaki, Kezia 12 Honors
Nzige-Nyambok, Austin 12 High Honors
Olua, Ade 12 Maximum Honors
Ozdelice, Hilal 12 High Honors
Pandori, Prisheila 12 Maximum Honors
Peng, Yi Qing 12 Maximum Honors
Perez, Isabel 12 Maximum Honors
Pham, Tu 12 Honors
Polga, Cassidy 12 Effort
Rui, Yangshuyan 12 Maximum Honors
Samimi, Rustam 12 High Honors
Shelburne, Ethan 12 Maximum Honors
St Pierre, Joshua 12 Maximum Honors
Stevenson, Connor 12 Maximum Honors
Tang, Jing 12 Maximum Honors
Tian, Xinyu 12 Maximum Honors
Tshimanga, Florence 12 High Honors
Uraz, Melisa 12 High Honors
Vuong, Dung 12 High Honors
Wan, Yuqi 12 High Honors
Wang, Fan 12 Honors
Wongkanha, Ratchadaporn 12 Honors
Xia, Xinyi 12 Maximum Honors
Xie, Zhennian 12 Maximum Honors
Yu, Shaw-Ting 12 Honors
Yue, Hailin 12 Maximum Honors
Zhang, Wei 12 Honors
Zhang, Yu 12 High Honors
Zhou, Bin 12 Honors
LastName FirstName Grade Recognition


Classics Day at Mount Holyoke College

Each January, our Latin students head to Mount Holyoke College for Classics Day. We had an excellent showing once again this year, with a number of students winning for artwork, oration, and Certamen competitions (sort of like Classics Jeopardy!):

Art Contest, 3rd prize in the poster category, “Roman Timekeeping”: Ethan Shelburne ’17
Art Contest, 2nd prize in the poster category, “Roman Women: Ideals and Realities”: Dolly Cupak ’17
Art Contest: 2nd prize in the model category, “Palace of King Herod”: Emmi Nunes ’22

Oral Recitation, Advanced Level, Poetry, 2nd prize: Yangshuyan Eve Rui ’17

Certamen team, Latin I, 3rd place: Ian Hua ’20, Jinglin Gene Qu ’18, Chloe DeAngelis ’20, Maddie LaChance ’20
Certamen, team Myth, 2nd place: Piper Polga ’22, Kyah Brown ’20, Lily Griffin ’21, Marie Hua ’22

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to Classics teacher Mr. Taravella for the training and to all who participated!