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Candlelight 2016

Candlelight, held after our Mountain Day activities, is our annual tradition for welcoming new MacDuffie community members. We begin as two circles–inner and outer–as Head of School Steve Griffin shares the initial candlelight flame with several students, who share with others, and so on, until everyone’s candle is lit. After several brief student speeches about the CIRCLE values, those in the inner circle join the outer circle, leaving behind the “new” designation. Together we embrace unity.

Thanks to Tira Xia ’17 for the photos!

Record 26 Countries Represented

We opened school this year with 26 countries represented—a record in our 126-year history.

Countries newly represented this year include Cameroon, Denmark, Singapore, and Ukraine. In addition to the 27 cities and town in the United States, students also hail from Azerbaijan, Bhutan, China, Georgia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, and Vietnam, to name a few. This year’s enrollment of 294 is composed of 157 international students (boarding or homestay) and 137 day students.

“This year’s incoming classes represent a particularly accomplished and diverse set of students,” said Head of School Steve Griffin. He added that he’s excited to see them contribute their talents to the community. Mr. Griffin also pointed out that MacDuffie has 43 teaching faculty, 72% of whom have advanced degrees, and that their average tenure at MacDuffie is seven years.

Respect for diversity is in our mission statement, and we’re proud to offer our students the experience of a multicultural community. Welcome to MacDuffie!

Ice Cream Social

Sure, it was hot and the ice cream melted quickly. But that didn’t stop us! Hundreds of MacDuffie community members gathered together for our annual “welcome to the school year” Ice Cream Social. Our 88 new students had orientation and joined returning students for teambuilding activites, and parents mingled with faculty and one another. And of course, everyone capped off the day with ice cream!