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Extended Orientation Program

Our Extended Orientation Program (EOP) introduces international students to life at MacDuffie several weeks before the start of classes. This year, students had a chance to get settled on campus and explore the region through excursions such as Tanglewood, Hammonasset Beach, bowling at Spare Time in Northampton, spending the day at Six Flags New England, and much more. Also, we have a group of returning students from Indonesia who took part in the programming by helping their new schoolmates get acquainted with campus life and the MacDuffie community.

Welcome to MacDuffie!


RA Training

We welcomed a new group of Residential Assistants (RAs) to campus with a week-long training program alongside returning RAs. In addition to team-building activities and a role-playing duty workshop (e.g., what action to take if a student is doing X), RAs engaged in First Aid and CPR training, bus training, IT training, to name a few. The RAs capped off the week with a dinner at the home of Mrs. Lyman, Dean of Boarding Life.