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Classics Day at Mount Holyoke College

Each January, our Latin students head to Mount Holyoke College for Classics Day. We had an excellent showing once again this year, with a number of students winning for artwork, oration, and Certamen competitions (sort of like Classics Jeopardy!):

Art Contest, 3rd prize in the poster category, “Roman Timekeeping”: Ethan Shelburne ’17
Art Contest, 2nd prize in the poster category, “Roman Women: Ideals and Realities”: Dolly Cupak ’17
Art Contest: 2nd prize in the model category, “Palace of King Herod”: Emmi Nunes ’22

Oral Recitation, Advanced Level, Poetry, 2nd prize: Yangshuyan Eve Rui ’17

Certamen team, Latin I, 3rd place: Ian Hua ’20, Jinglin Gene Qu ’18, Chloe DeAngelis ’20, Maddie LaChance ’20
Certamen, team Myth, 2nd place: Piper Polga ’22, Kyah Brown ’20, Lily Griffin ’21, Marie Hua ’22

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to Classics teacher Mr. Taravella for the training and to all who participated!


Middle School Excursion 2015

When we arrived at Dufresne park the grass was damp but the students’ spirits were not!


On September 16th, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade traveled to local Dufresne park in Granby for a day of camaraderie.


Mr. Vennell worked his magic and transformed the students into chickens, dogs, cows, and a few other animals, as he guided them through a number of team building activities.


There was plenty of laughter to be shared as Mr. Rivera led the students in a variety of cooperative team building activities. The “convey belt” seemed to be a hit!


Ms. Hastings prepared the puzzle pieces for the annual middle school puzzle. Each middle school student adorned their piece with symbols that expressed their individuality. Later, students worked together, in silence, to put their beautiful, patchwork puzzle together, representing the middle school student body as a collective entity. This artwork is currently on display in Ms Albanese’s office.


The excursion was a day of bonding, laughter, and memories.


Carnivore or Herbivore?

lori moonbeam

Lori Moonbeam, an urban animal rehabilitor, visited the Middle School last week.


She shared photos and stories about the animals she had the pleasure of caring for.


Ms. Moonbeam emphasized that animals have a necessary role in nature and that she feels it’s her obligation to care for these creatures, which included bats, beavers, coyote, foxes, rabbits, flying squirrels, and more.


Students looked at turtle shell bones and learned how to tell a carnivore skull from an herbivore.


Learning Outside the Classroom

On May 1st the eighth grade took a trip to Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges.

Students Playing Indonesian Gamelan Music

In the morning, the groups attended a workshop at Smith where they got the chance to play traditional Indonesian Gamelan music.

They got a chance to try different traditional instruments and receive instruction from Smith’s Gamelan professor.
This experience is part of their world music studies.
In the afternoon the students continued to Mount Holyoke for a museum visit to the Chinese exhibition and the meditative Japanese tea house as part of their history course.

7th Grade Orienteering

On Friday. October 10th, the seventh grade ventured out on their annual orienteering trip. They could not have asked for a more picturesque day to spend outdoors.

Students put their map reading and compass skills to the test as they tracked through the wooded trail in search of obscure posts.

photo 2

While traveling between posts, the students looked for a unique object in nature, which was later used as inspiration for a free write.

Students transformed their objects through the art of figuration; for example, “small homes of mushrooms”; “the fern is like a Christmas tree”; “the leaf was the color of a candy apple that had been burned / dark spots of sadness”; “red-backed salamander / like a little dragon”; “my pine cone smells like nature from a valley.”

photo 3

After an autumn day of adventure and activity, everyone was treated to ice cream at a local creamery and cow farm.