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Seniors Place 2nd in Regional Science Fair

Way to represent MacDuffie! Congratulations to David Goretski ’16 and Eva Lin ’16, second place winners at the recent Western MA Regional Science Fair competition, which was held at the MCLA in North Adams, MA on March 11.

Mrs. Anderson writes, “Of the 90 or so students who entered 75 projects, our school was the smallest of the high schools that were represented, and our two representatives, with their project dealing the effect of antibiotics on E. coli bacteria, came in with a second place. They are automatically eligible to enter their project in the state fair at MIT in May.”

Great job, David and Eva!

Mental Health Awareness Month

Submitted by Victoria Perez (’16)
mental health 3

May is the month of mental health awareness and I thought I would share with everyone some information when it comes to mental health and how you can get help or help someone in need.

 Some statistics:

  • 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition. (In 2010, there were about 26,466,237 youths ages 13-18 in the U.S.  20% of 26,466,237 is 5,293,247)
  • 10% of youth have a behavior or conduct disorder.
  • 8% of youth have an anxiety disorder.
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 10 – 24.
  • 90% of those who died by suicide had an underlying mental illness. 

Everyday people are affected by mental illness and it’s not only teens, adults and young children also live and cope with devastating mental illnesses. As someone who is affected by mental illness, I feel that this it is very important be aware of how prevalent it really is. I hope that with the resources I am providing, you all will be more conscience about mental illnesses and I also hope to provide those who need help with the support they need to find it. 

mental health

Struggling alone with a mental illness is tough and I encourage those who are to find someone they trust and ask for help. That’s always the first step and the hardest! But it’s worth it 🙂 

There are many people who are always around to help (the school nurse, counselor, advisors, etc.) anyone who needs it, so please don’t hesitate to ask. 


1 (800) 273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Student Spotlight

student spotlight

Magdalene Taylor, Class of 2014, has channeled her frustrations with the college admissions process into a thought-provoking and well-researched article.

Her analysis of current trends in college admissions takes into account deeper meanings for the economy and society as a whole.

At MacDuffie, we want our students to approach matters critically, and think beyond themselves in order to grasp the “big picture.’

Judging from Magdalene’s perceptive writing, it is clear that she has done just that.

Her teachers can attest to that as well, based on her excellent work ethic and commitment to academic success over the course of her four years at the school.

The Springfield Republican certainly has recognized Magdalene’s talents and has offered her an internship, a nice coda to her year as Editor-in-Chief of the Magnet.

Congratulations to Magdalene for making her voice heard in such a clear and compelling way!

Read the full article here:

Student Spotlight

student spotlight

Olivia Ferro, Class of 2019 competed in The Fieldstone Spring Festival last weekend. The event includes five days of top hunter/jumper competitions.


Olivia and her horse Rollingwoods Stick Tight, Angie for short, competed in the Summer Classic Derby where she placed 9th out of 12.

olivia 2

She was also the Small Pony Hunter Event Champion!

olivia 3

Olivia has been riding for ten years and competitively jumping for five.

olivia 4

Great job Olivia!

MacDuffie Student named 2014 McScholar Athlete


Each year, the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association recognizes outstanding student-athletes who demonstrate dedication, perseverance, and teamwork throughout the school year. 

This year senior Maryanne Magnier was named  a McScholar Athlete. She will be attending Mount Holyoke College in the fall.

“Maryanne is a scholar-athlete in the truest sense of the term. Ever since arriving as a seventh-grader, she has been one of the highest-achieving students at MacDuffie, as well as an outstanding citizen. Her thoughtfulness, social consciousness, sense of community, and simple kindness has made a real difference at MacDuffie. As an athlete, her greatest achievements took place on the cross-country course. Maryanne’s exceptional gifts as a runner became evident as soon as she joined the team in middle school, her performances soon eclipsing all the other girls (and most boys) on the team. Maryanne’s leadership qualities resulted in her being named girls’ captain as a ninth-grader, a position she would hold throughout her entire Mustangs cross-country career. Her leadership of the team was always by personal example rather than by demand, no matter how much the team might have been struggling in a particular season. Maryanne’s unflagging effort and sportsmanship earned her the MVP, Coach’s, or Players’ Award in every single one of her cross country seasons. Her personal achievements include multiple medals in CISAC and NEPSTA championships, as well as being selected as a New England All-Star four years running. Ultimately, though, the most telling reflection of her character as an athlete and a leader is the esteem in which her teammates and coaches have held her throughout the years.” ~ Mika Saarela (Upper School Head, Cross Country Coach)

Maryanne with her advisor, Mr. Denno (L) and coach, Mr. Saarela (R) at the Awards

High school seniors are nominated by their school principals based on academic achievement, personal standards and accomplishments, two-years of exemplary effort on a varsity team and distinguished service to their school and classmates.

The 18th Annual McScholar Athlete Awards was held Wednesday, May 7th at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Western Massachusetts media personality Scott Coen will hosted the event and featured keynote speaker Olympian and Boston Blades ice hockey defense player Kacey Bellamy.


Congratulations Maryanne!