Citation, Copyright and Plagiarism




NoodleTools is a comprehensive and accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian bibliography composer with fully-integrated note-taking.

Turnitin is a comprehensive solution for checking originality, and preventing plagiarism. ”Lets students check their own writing for improperly used content, inadvertent plagiarism. or quotation errors.”


Cheating “What Exactly is Cheating?” Kids & Teens Q+A From Kid’s Health
Cheating: Here, There, Everywhere. Resources from PBS “It’s My Life.”

Citing Sources          

Duke University Library

Guides for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism
Copyright and Movies Movie Licensing USA K-12 Schools
Copyright Guidelines Copyright guide and directory from the ALA
Copyright in the U. S. FAOs on the United States Copyright laws
Deciphering Citations Citation diagrams from St. Anselm’s College
Deciphering Citations Citation diagrams from Suffolk University
Online Research & Documentation Hacker Handbooks: Help with finding and documenting sources.
Academic Honesty Video and learning tool from the University of Sydney.
Goblin Game Cartoon from Lycoming College.
Guideline Tutorial Cartoon guide from the University of North Carolina.
Plagiarism and Academic Integrity. Video of students from the Rutgers University Libraries.
Plagiarism Self-Test Online quiz from Simon Fraser University.
Research & Citation Resources- OWL Guide to citation styles from Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Rutgers University Libraries

Plagiarism Modules

Educational videos with examples of plagiarism in a game show setting.
Teaching & Learning Academic Integrity and plagiarism guide from Penn State.
Turnitin for MacDuffie Check your originality with Turnitin.
”You Quote It You Note It.” Cartoon tutorial from Acadia University.
Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory Video quiz from the University of Maryland University College.
What is plagiarism? Clear explanations of plagiarism from Duke University.
What is plagiarism? Cartoon tutorial from San Jose Library.
What is plagiarism? Guide and game from Drexel University Libraries.


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Citation Builder from North Carolina State University
Citation Machine Landmark for Schools
Easy Bib
Knight Cite from Hekman Library at Calvin College