Boys’ JV Basketball

The MacDuffie JV and Thirds Basketball programs act as a feeder to our stronger Varsity team. All student-athletes are given a chance to play, regardless of their previous playing experience, making this team a diverse, fun group. While both of these developmental teams work to ready players for more competitive play in the future, practices focus on the fundamentals of the sport and skill development.

For full game recaps please visit our Coach’s Corner.

JV 12/10/14 5:30pm HHNE Away L  51-48
JV 12/13/14 4:30pm WMA Home  L  50-22
JV 1/7/15 4:00pm Masters Home L 38-29
JV 1/9/15 4:00pm New Testament Baptist School Home L 74-33
JV 1/20/15 4:30pm Eagle Hill Away W 43-30
JV 1/21/15 3:30pm Williams Home
JV 1/23/15 5:00pm Darrow Away
JV 1/30/15 6:00pm New Testament Baptist School Away
JV 2/4/15 6:00pm HHNE Home
JV 2/7/15 1:00pm Chase Home
JV 2/11/15 3:30pm Marianapolis Away
JV 2/21/15 2:30pm Hoosac Away
3rds 1/10/15 1:00pm WMA Away L  29-20
3rds 1/23/15 5:00pm WMA Home
3rds 1/28/15 2:30pm Williston Home
3rds 2/4/15 4:15pm Bement Home
3rds 2/11/15 4:00pm ASD Away
3rds 2/24/15 4:30pm Bement Home