Magneto Fantastico

by John Lazzaro

This past Friday, January 27th, the MacDuffie School hosted its 4th annual student talent show, entitled “Magneto Fantastico.” Sponsored by the Magnet, the winner of Magneto Fantastico, received a $50 gift certificate to the Holyoke Mall. The event also served as a fundraiser that helps the Magnet staff attend a journalism conference at Columbia University in March.

A total of 13 different performances took the spotlight. Jason Dai began the night with a saxophone rendition of “The Joy of Life.” And while musical acts were popular, some more creative and original acts tooks the stage. Matthew Stewart yo-yoed to “Sahti Waari” and Harry Liu spun a book on his finger for almost 2 full minutes. The show culminated with Gina Napolitano singing “Skyscraper.” Congrats to Gina who took 1st place.

 Gina Napolitano