Girls’ Varsity Soccer

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We have a lot of new players this season but they are very skilled. Our team’s strength is their skill development.  We have a strong team but with all of the new players this season we are working on teamwork, communication, and cohesiveness.  Madison Jung continues to provide very strong leadership for the team.  As a senior she is very well regarded and respected by all the players and provides constant leadership, coaching, and encouragement.  Maddie is one of the key driving forces behind this team.  Our defensive back line is very strong, which is anchored by Mimi Jung and new ninth grader Courtney Hurley, with help from defenders Senior Aqsa Ahmed and ninth grader Masha Simonova.  Ninth grader Zhanara Shardarbekova is coming along very well as our new goalkeeper.  This is her second year with the team and is fairly new to the unique position of keeper.  She has learned a lot and is not timid at this position.  Her save percentage so far is currently around 70%.  Our midfield is beginning to gel, becoming stronger on the attack, and looking for scoring opportunities, led by veterans – Mikayla McEwen ’18, Kristina Smith ’15, Madelyn Levesque ’17, and Faith Lawless ’17. Other newcomers Jessica Hurley ’17, Isabel Perez ’17, Liz Metsch ’17, and Emilee Auclair ’18 have added greatly to the team as utility players who can jump in at any position.

Overall, we have 3-2-1 record with a total of 17 goals for and only 9 goals against.  The team was especially grateful to the fans, particularly the boys’ soccer players who came out to cheer us on in our win against Winchendon on October 4.