The Future of Engineering

Amy Glen, Associate Director Office Of Future Engineers from Purdue University, visited Mr. Woolley’s AP Physics class on Tuesday.


Purdue University, founded in 1869 as a Land Grant institution, awarded its first engineering degree in 1878. The first engineering school came aboard in 1882, when the School of Mechanical Engineering was established. Since then, what is now known as the College of Engineering, with 11 schools and three divisions, has grown to become among the largest and most prestigious engineering programs in the world.


The purpose of the visit was to encourage students to pursue an education in engineering. The College of Engineering is specifically targeting students who are already studying advanced sciences and have shown an interest in engineering.

Purdue WIEP

During the visit, students learned an engineering degree can be used for more than just engineering. In fact, 33% of the Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers hold engineering degrees versus only 11% with business degrees. After the presentation, students met with Mr. Morris, College Counselor, to discuss the admission process at Purdue and to identify additional college choices matching their interests.