Learning Outside the Classroom

American Cultures class with Steve the apple guy

The American Culture class had an interesting visit to Sentinel Farm in Belchertown on Monday, September 29.

Cider press 1

Students first watched owners Steve and Meg Lanphear grind, press, and then filter apples and their juice to make apple cider.

How to pick an apple

Steve explained the processes for integrated pest management, gathering and storing the apples, and then helped students choose the varieties they might enjoy for eating.

Taiko and Mydear picking apples

After picking their own apples, students returned to the shed and got to taste the cider.

Yun, Miguel, Leon, and Chris eating apples

Meg had pasteurized one batch and left the other unpasteurized so that students could taste the difference.

Ms. O'Brien pouring cider

Ultimately, no one could really distinguish between the two batches.

Yun and Zeynep in horse and buggy

The class will soon visit a pumpkin patch.