Greetings from the Head of School

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Dear MacDuffie community,

I have developed a habit of “writing” my speech for candlelight on the way down Mt. Holyoke.  There is something meditative about the repeated footsteps of the descent that helps me to come up with something meaningful to share.

Below, I have transcribed (as well as possible from memory) the words that I spoke to the assembly of students, faculty and staff last Thursday.  This year, I was blessed to be able to hike down the mountain with my own 6th-grade daughter, and with other students from grades 6,7, and 11.  I was struck by the way the students interacted – by the way the built each other up – and I wanted to share that with others, and to thank everyone for being a part of our community.

Take a moment to look around you at the faces that are illuminated by candlelight this evening.  Some of these people you met for the first time today; others you have known for about a month, others for years.  All of us make up The MacDuffie School community.

If you can take one thing away this evening, remember that our community is built little by little – by every single interaction.    Every kind word spoken and helping hand lent builds our community….and our community is STRONG! and getting stronger every single day.

Please take a moment as you depart this evening to thank someone; thank the new members of the community for choosing to join us, and thank our Senior students – those who are experiencing the first in a “series of lasts” – for their contribution in building The MacDuffie School community to the great, tightly-knit circle that it is today.

We will now close with the alma mater.


Best Regards,

Steven Griffin