7th Grade Orienteering

On Friday. October 10th, the seventh grade ventured out on their annual orienteering trip. They could not have asked for a more picturesque day to spend outdoors.

Students put their map reading and compass skills to the test as they tracked through the wooded trail in search of obscure posts.

photo 2

While traveling between posts, the students looked for a unique object in nature, which was later used as inspiration for a free write.

Students transformed their objects through the art of figuration; for example, “small homes of mushrooms”; “the fern is like a Christmas tree”; “the leaf was the color of a candy apple that had been burned / dark spots of sadness”; “red-backed salamander / like a little dragon”; “my pine cone smells like nature from a valley.”

photo 3

After an autumn day of adventure and activity, everyone was treated to ice cream at a local creamery and cow farm.