Homestay Stories: The Rivers Family

My name is Ann Rivers and I am an Admissions Associate at the MacDuffie School.


So far, the highlight of my employment here has been the opportunity to be a home stay parent to two Brazilian girls: Julia Pimenta from Sao Paulo who attended MacDuffie for one semester in September 2012 and Maria Aloan, who attended for one semester in January 2014. I never thought the bond would ever be so strong, especially for my daughter Stephanie who now has two new Brazilian “sisters.”


Over the summer, my daughter Stephanie had the privilege to spend five weeks with Julia and her family traveling all around Brazil including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Iguacu Falls, and Bahia.


When visiting Rio, Stephanie and Julia were able to spend an afternoon with Maria so both my Homestay daughters and their families could meet each other.


Julia has come to visit us twice since she left in February 2013. She came back in May 2013 for the MacDuffie prom and in June 2014 before their departure to Brazil.

Central Park

Last weekend we traveled to New York City to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and I was finally able to meet her parents in person, even though I already felt like I knew them so well.


We also met Julia’s brother, who hopes to attend MacDuffie soon and stay with us. I hope my son Zach and Julia’s brother Filipe have the same connection. I’m sure they will.