Coach’s Corner ~ Cross Country

Fall 2016

Wednesday October 26, 2016
Eagle Hill School and Winchendon School at MacDuffie

Race Results
Boys Team Race – 1st  MacDuffie.  2nd Winchendon  3rd  Eagle Hill
Girls Team Race – 1st MacDuffie  2nd Winchendon

Boys Girls
Place Name School Time Place Name School Time
1 Evan Murdock MD 18.27 1 Nicolette Peterson MD 21.10.
2 Gabe Marty EH 18.52 2 Olivia Ramirez MD 22.51
3 Josh St. Pierre MD 18.53 3 Marie Hua MD 24.15
4 Ian Hua MD 19.24 4 Tierney Festler EH 26.05
5 Rachy F? EH 19.52 5 Haley Moriarty MD 26.41
6 Ethan Deecher MD 20.17 6 Reghan H? W 26.50.
7 Derek Foresman W 20.30. 7 Angel Mao MD 27.36
8 Chris Michaud W 20.39 8 Beyza Tumturk MD 27.44
9 Deandre Ortiz W 21.03 9 Cathy Zhao MD 27.45
10 Angus Lodgae EH 21.20. 10 Emmie Barry W 27.56
11 Ryosuke Hayashi W 21.28 11 Alexi Malecki W 27.58
12 Jesse Bordenca MD 21.29 12 Kezia Nunaki MD 28.54
13 Michael Wang W 21.39 13 Niki Sun MD 29.13
14 Donovan Richardson MD 21.42 14 Carrie Lu MD 29.25
15 Troy H? EH 22.55 15 Gabby Thomas W 29.28
16 Jason Lim MD 22.58 16 Nancy Lin W 31.22
17 Gene Qu MD 23.03 17 Katie C? W 31.52
18 Ethan Coscia EH 23.33
19 Vincent Pederson MD 23.47
20 Nelson Mallick EH 24.25
21 Joe Pridgen W 24.25
22 Kent Cassidy W 24.48
23 Oliver Wang MD 26.19
24 Martin Cummings EH 26.34
25 Rowan Niemela W 26.36
26 John Sakhat EH 26.37
27 Kevin Mihich W 26.48
28 Yanze Li W 27.04
29 Adam Betts W 27.10.
30 Bolun Li W 27.56
31 Connor Chen EH 28.05
32 Daniel Osterov W 30.29
33 Carter Benninghoff EH 30.43
34 Nate Ludington EH 30.54
35 Luca Domeniconi W 32.00.
36 K? R? W 32.05
37 Avelino Damoura W 32.09

Saturday September 17, 2016
MacDuffie @ Forman School

Boys: 1st of 4 (MacDuffie, Harvey, Hoosac, Forman)
Evan Murdock: 22.27, 1st
Ethan Deecher: 22.51,  2nd
Jost St. Pierre: 23.13, 4th
Jesse Bordenca: 25:18,  12th
Donovan Richardson: 26.02, 14th
Devin Walker: 27.01, 18th
Jason Lim: 29.37,  27th
Girls: 3rd of 3 (Harvey, Forman, MacDuffie)
Nicolette Peterson: 24.05, 1st
Olivia Ramirez: 26.53, 5th
Haley Moriarty: 31.20, 13th
Beyza Tumturk: 31.57, 16th
Angel Mao: 32.18, 17th
Carrie Yu: 32.27, 18th

Fall 2015

MacDuffie vs. Hoosac and Winchendon
Hoosac School, October 10th, 2015

The MacDuffie Cross-Country team faced the hardest course it has seen yet this season. Not only was the course .2 miles longer than standard courses, it had three very difficult hills. Despite the difficulty, however, the Mustangs put forth a number of strong performances. Nicolette Peterson and Olivia Ramirez came in first and second for the girls. Meanwhile, Evan Murdock came in first for the boys. Ethan Deecher took seventh, and Jesse Bordenca, Brandon Hwang, and Josh St. Pierre took tenth, eleventh, and twelfth places. Yet although improving on their pack, the Mustangs missed out on first place, losing to Winchendon 36 to 41.

MacDuffie Runs at Meghan’s Light 5K
Look Park, October 3rd, 2015

In order to honor the recent loss of MacDuffie alumna, Meghan Hukowicz Zoll, the MacDuffie Cross Country Team took part in a charity 5K at Look Park this past Saturday. Despite the chilly weather, the team was in good spirits and put forth a good effort. Out of a field of 130 runners, Evan Murdock handily took first place with a time of 19:35. Josh St. Pierre came in fourth overall and second for boys with a time of 20:29.Nicolette Peterson came in second for girls with a time of 21:20, and Olivia Ramirez came in third with a time of 24:03. The ceremony after the race concluded with the organizers of Meghan’s Light 5K expressing their sincere thanks to all the runners, walkers, and volunteers from MacDuffie, which was an appropriate way to end another successful day for the team.

MacDuffie at Canterbury; September 26,2015

MacDuffie’s team had a great race this past Saturday at Canterbury School in New Milford, CT. Our boys ran a difficult course and came in tenth out of sixteen teams. Junior Evan Murdock, with a time of 18:39, was a trophy winner coming in at ninth place out of 108 runners. Our girls, though unable to compete for a team score, ran a hard race and proved themselves determined to perform well.

MacDuffie at Home, WMA; September 23, 2015

MacDuffie competed at Home against WMA this past Wednesday. It was the perfect day for a meet and the perfect day for Junior Evan Murdock and Freshman Nicolette Peterson to win first place respectively in their races. Evan finished with a strong time of 18:57, and Nicolette powered through with 21:49. In the Boys’ Race, Senior Tunn Prasoprat came in fifth followed by Sophomore Kevin Xiao in sixth and Sophomore Ethan Deecher in tenth place. In the Girls’ Race, Freshman Olivia Ramirez came in third, Junior Haley Yue fifth, and Junior Whitney Peng in eighth. Our team showed great effort and determination in this early season race, and we look forward to this continued improvement throughout the season. Great job, runners!

MacDuffie at Chase Collegiate; September 16, 2015

The cross-country team began the season with a solid performance at the Chase Collegiate Invitiational with MacDuffie runners taking first place in both the boys’ and girls’ races. Junior Evan Murdock took first place in the boys’ meet with a time of 19:09. On the girls’ side, Nicolette Peterson won handily with a time of 22:19. Meanwhile, Ethan Deecher just missed out placing in the top ten, finishing thirteenth? with a time of 21:48. Coaches Cressotti and Hillman are proud of the effort put forth by their runners and are looking forward to seeing much growth from all as the season progresses.

Fall 2014


vs. Eagle Hill

MacDuffie’s Cross Country team had its last meet at Home on Friday, October 31st against Eagle Hill. The Mustangs took the win for both Girl’s and Boy’s teams. Several of our runners set personal records at this race which was a positive way to end the season!

The team would like to recognize Yulia Baratova, our Senior runner this year, for finishing her first and last Cross-Country season at MacDuffie. It was a great season with her, and we all wish her the best!
Coach Cressotti, Coach McNerney, and Coach Hillman would like to congratulate all the runners for a wonderful season and strong finish. It was a pleasure working with you all!

Special thanks go out to MacDuffie’s Maintenance Crew and specifically Mr. Jean Grondin for helping set up our course for this Halloween run. We would also like to thank all the faculty and staff, parents and students who came out to support the teams!

Highlights from the race were as follows:
Girl’s Team: 
First place: Nicolette Peterson (19:51)
Third place: Olivia Ramirez (24:15)
Fourth place: Yulia Baratova (24:42)
Boy’s Team: 
First place: Evan Murdock (18:25)
Second place: Ethan Shelburne (19:24)
Third place: Tunn Prasoprat (20:10)
Fourth place: Josh St. Pierre (20:27)



On Saturday the cross-country team headed to Bucks Hill Park in Waterbury, Connecticut for the CISAC meet hosted by Chase Collegiate. The team put forth a good effort, and each runner displayed a strong finish at the end of a wet and challenging 5K course. In the girls’ race, Nicolette Peterson placed third, with a time of 20:56. In the boys’ race, Evan Murdock placed fourth, with a time of 18:34, and Ethan Shelburne placed eleventh, with a time of 19:43. Faith Lawless, Donovan Richardson, Josh St. Pierre, and David Gorestki all improved their times from the team’s first race against Chase Collegiate. Well done, Mustangs!


@ Eagle Hill

 The Mustangs ran an exceptional race this week against Eagle Hill and North Brookfield High School taking first place for both girls and boys teams. In the girls’ race, Nicolette Peterson (19:22) placed first. For the boys, both Evan Murdock (17:27) and Ethan Shelburne (17:33) had strong first and second place finishes. Congratulations to ALL runners for achieving their personal bests at this race!Individual results:Boys:

Evan Murdock (17:27)
Ethan Shelburne (17:33)
Jesse Bordenca (19:29)
Josh St. Pierre (19:43)
Tunn Prasoprat (20:38)
Charley Lee (20:51)
Henry Ho (20:55)
David Gorestki (21:12)
Donovan Richardson (21:15)


Nicolette Peterson (19:22)
Olivia Ramirez (22:25)
Whitney Peng (24:07)
Faith Lawless (25:15)
Cathy Zeng (27:04)
Daisy Cheng (31:17)


@ Watkinson

The Mustang’s Cross-Country Team performed well during last week’s Watkinson School Invitational Meet. Taking second in the girls’ race, Nicolette Peterson came in with a time of 21:09. In the boys’ competition, Evan Murdock placed third in a time of 19:28. Ethan Shelburne, MacDuffie’s next placing runner in the boys’ race, took 11th in a time of 20:19. Congratulations to all runners on another race well-run!


@ Cheshire Academy

The Mustangs ran a challenging course at Cheshire Academy on September 27th. 8th grader Nicolette Peterson, out of nearly 200 runners, placed second in the girls’ varsity race with a time of 21:35. All runners on the MacDuffie team showed great endurance and skill as they ran the difficult course where no hill was too steep to stop them.

Great job team!


@ Marianapolis

On Wednesday, September 24th, the cross-country team competed at the Marianapolis Invitational. Despite the challenging schedule of the past several weeks, the team continued to run well. Evan Murdock placed 18th in a field of 215 runners, with the time of 19:21. Nicolette Peterson placed 3rd in a field of 122, with a time of 20:36. The boys’ team placed 12th out of 17, and the girls’ team placed 7th out of 12.


@ Wilbraham Monson Academy

On Wednesday, September 17th the MacDuffie cross country team traveled to Wilbraham and Monson Academy to face a combined force of Wilbraham and Monson and the Watkinson School. Evan Murdock placed second in the boys’ race with a time of 19:23. Evan was followed by Ethan Shelburne, who placed eighth for the boys with a time of 21:06. Nicolette Peterson placed second in the girls’ race with a time of 21:16. Well done, Mustangs!