Homestay Story: The Shelburne Family

This fall our family welcomed a Homestay student into our home.

henry and ethan

Henry is a sophomore from Guangzhou, China and a close friend of my son.

Since his arrival, he has fallen into our daily routines seamlessly and has greatly enriched our lives.

My daughter was adopted from China and seems to love the connection to her heritage. Henry’s parents even sent her beautiful clothes from China!

Together, Henry and my son work diligently on their homework and have a blast when they are done.

henry ho

We have learned how to cook new Chinese recipes, played heated family card games, had colorful conversations over dinner and are building up countless memories.

We are thankful to MacDuffie’s Homestay program for bringing Henry into our family!

Submitted by Mrs. Shelburne

The Homestay program is a wonderful way to expose your family to different cultures.

If you are interested in being a Homestay family, please contact Kevin Hillman, Homestay Coordinator, at