Heart Week

Heart Week is a fun MacDuffie tradition that brings the community closer. It is held the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Last week, all students and faculty and staff received a little piece of paper with their name and another person’s name and grade on it. This is your assigned (Secret!) heart person.

Your heart person could be absolutely anyone in the school; faculty or student.

Each day, you leave a small gift for them with a clue to your identity. You may figure out who your heart person is immediately or it may take until the big reveal on Friday!

heart week presents

The Heart Week Shop, run by Student Council and Advisory, will have inexpensive gifts for you to purchase every day.

The Notice Board in the Student Center has been separated into sections by grades and a section for faculty. You can pin your gift to it. There will also be a table to place gifts on in addition to the Notice Board. Remember, you have to put your gift in the section that corresponds with the grade the person you have is in.

The Muse will also be selling carnations starting Tuesday, February 10th in the dining hall during E and F blocks. You will be able to buy and pick up carnations to deliver yourself, or you can prepay and have them delivered on Friday, February 13th. The cost for the carnations will be $3 each or 2 for $5.

heart week board

Although you may not know the person you have, it is fun to give and receive clues and presents.  Full participation from everyone is expected. The only way it is fun is if everyone gives a gift and everyone keeps it a secret! You will reveal who you are to your Heart Week Person on Friday, February 13th.

Remember, the only way to make Heart Week a great tradition at MacDuffie is for everyone to join in and participate.  That way, everyone will receive gifts and have a happy Heart Week!