International Festival

MacDuffie’s annual International Festival allows students to showcase the most important facet of our school community: themselves! Often, we only get glimpses of the cultures our students come from.


The International Festival—a student-led event giving students the chance to present who they are, how they are ambassadors of their diverse cultures, and how those individual perspectives come out in our unique microcosm that fosters the true sense of Global Citizenship—was created to provide students another outlet to voice what they represent in our community.


Organized groups gather together and give a sampling of cultures through music, dance, traditional clothing, art and memorabilia…and of course, food!


The Festivals have grown each year and become a highlight of MacDuffie’s Alumni Weekend and Run for Hope festivities. This year, we are looking to represent nearly twenty different cultures be they ethnic, religious, political, or ancestral. Come and experience this year’s Student International Festival!