Academic Convocation

On Friday, September 16, we celebrated the academic achievements of our students at our annual Academic Convocation. This year’s theme was one of our CIRCLE values, Leadership.

As Head of School Mr. Griffin said, “While this evening is a celebration of last year’s accomplishments, it is our hope that it will serve as an inspiration for our students as they begin this year’s academic journey. ”

Students who made the 2015-2016 Honor Roll were recognized, and the following awards were given out or acknowledged:

The Timothy Bray Award: Jackson Skibel
The MacDuffie Faculty Award: Mimi Jung, Nicolette Peterson

National Language Exams

French Level One:
Honorable Mention: Ayano Kubota, Anna Ludkiewicz, Ava Marion, Gretl Qiu, Talia Wiesel, Catherine Xiao, Billy Xu
Medal awards: Jason Lim (Bronze), Haley Moriarty (Bronze), Jessica Pham (Silver)

French Level Two:
Honorable Mention:  Camellia Liu, Rustam Samimi
Medal awards: Nicolette Peterson (Bronze), Daisy Cheng (Silver). We had two Gold Medal winners in this category, both of whom placed within the top 5% of the national ranking: Yun Hallowell and Nate Enders.

French Level Three:
Honorable Mention:  Sara Jaber, Leo Zhang, Dollar Zhu
Medal award: Sarah Soares (Silver)

French Level Four:
Honorable Mention: Courtney Hurley

Introduction to Latin:  Samantha Jacques, Kiara Rogers

Latin I:
Cum Laude:  Sarah Scott
Magna Cum Laude: Aurora Basnet
Maxima Cum Laude and a silver medal:  Flavio Pinho de Almeida Reis

Latin II:
Cum Laude: Tira Xia, Eve Rui

Latin III:
Maxima Cum Laude and a silver medal: Sam Hackett, Connor Stevenson
Summa Cum Laude and a gold medal: Josh St. Pierre, Isabel Perez, Dolly Cupak, Cecelia Messbauer, Henry Ho
Summa Cum Laude, a gold medal, and a special certificate recognizing a perfect score: Ethan Shelburne

Upper School Awards and Scholarships:

The Amy Hughes/Holly Fisher Faculty Staff Scholarship: Varona Maysonet-Ayala, Parla Ozdelice
The Keating Memorial Entrance Scholarship: Savannah Richard

10th Grade Book Prizes:
Athletics – Aniis Anderson & Ethan Deecher
English – Emilee Auclair
English Language Learning – Gene Linling Qu
French – Nate Enders
History – Mimi Jung
Latin – Chenxi Li
Mathematics – Dollar Zhu
Performing Arts – Aniis Anderson
Science – Dollar Zhu
Spanish – Reagan Os
Visual Arts – Victor Zhang

Ames Hill Awards: Whitney Peng, Shannon Li

College Book Awards:
The Holy Cross Book Award:  Isabel Perez
The Smith Book Award:  Alexis Chapin
The Harvard Book Award:  Ethan Shelburne
The Mount Holyoke College Book Award:  Angela Tang
The Dartmouth College Book Award: Cecelia Messbauer
The University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Award: Henry Ho
The University of Rochester Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award: Cassidy Polga
The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Whitney Peng
The University of Rochester Xerox Award:  Daisy Cheng
The Rensselaer Certificate: Camellia Liu

AP Scholars, Last year’s graduating class of 2016:
AP Scholars: Hyunjae Bang, Yitao He, Quyen Nguyen, Elias Os, Thy Vu, Zihao Yuan, Zihui Zeng
AP Scholars with Honor: Jane Bannish, Hongtao Jiang, Yu Lin, Poom Prasopsukh
AP Scholars with Distinction: Linyue Chen, David Gorestki.

Class of 2017:
AP Scholars: Henry Ho, Xinyu Tian
AP Scholars with Honor: Camellia Liu, Joshua St. Pierre
AP Scholar with Distinction: Ethan Shelburne

The Head’s CIRCLE Awards are the highest non-academic awards available at MacDuffie.
CIRCLE Award for Community: Camellia Liu
CIRCLE Award for Integrity: Cassidy Polga
CIRCLE award for Respect: Josh St. Pierre
CIRCLE Award for Creativity: Alexis Chapin
CIRCLE Award for Leadership: Henry Ho
CIRCLE award for Excellence: Ethan Shelburne

Cum Laude Recognition
MacDuffie Cum Laude Society: Daisy Cheng, Cecelia Messbauer, Ethan Shelburne