Winter Sports Awards

Our Mustangs had another season of impressive achievements!

Boys’ Prep (18-12), Boys’ Varsity (12-9), Girls’ Varsity (14-10), and Boys’ 3rds (8-4) had winning records this season, and Girls’ JV faced some challenges this season because some of the top players were called up to Varsity. Swimming participated in 7 meets with a number of individual accomplishments.

Postseason team achievements include:

  • Class AA NEPSAC Playoff Qualifier #5 Seed (Boys’ Prep)
  • Class D NEPSAC Playoff Semifinalist #3 Seed (Girls’ Varsity)
  • SENE Champion #1 Seed (Girls’ Varsity)
  • SENE Semifinalist #3 Seed (Boys’ Varsity)
  • Prep 6 Semifinalist #3 Seed (Boys’ Varsity)

We also had several athletes make All-League Honors: Dana Tate ’18 (NEPSAC)
Ismael Massoud ’19 (NEPSAC), James Bouknight ’19 (NESPAC Honorable Mention), Tanahj Pettway ’19 (NEPSAC Honorable Mention), Kacey Deecher ’20 (NEPSAC), Jocelyn St. Onge ’18 (NEPSAC), Jayden Holder ’20 (SENE and Prep 6), and Mehmet Tuncer ’20 (SENE and Prep 6).

The Athletics Department also honored individual atheletes at the Winter Sports Award ceremony. Congratulations to the following:

Most Valuable Player
Jocelyn St. Onge ’18–Girls’ Varsity
Khaylen Mahdi ’18–Boys’ Prep
Mehmet Tuncer ’20–Boys’ Varsity
Mikhail Galaktionov ’19–Swimming

Most Improved Player
Ryleigh Cauley ’18–Girls’ Varsity
Ismael Massoud ’19–Boys’ Prep
Jola Oke ’18–Boys’ Varsity
Mo Hua ’24–Swimming

Coach’s Award
Sarah Scott ’19–Girls’ Varsity
Dana Tate ’18–Boys’ Prep
Daniel Co ’18–Boys’ Varsity
Dima Aboukasm ’21–Swimming

Players’ Choice Award
Ryleigh Cauley ’19–Girls’ Varsity
John Bella-Hunter ’18–Boys’ Prep
Zorbey Tarhan ’18–Boys’ Varsity
Paul Oh ’18–Swimming

Well done, Mustangs!

(And thanks to Mrs. Cauley for the photos!)