#TakeoverTuesday Creates Buzz On MacDuffie Instagram

Students file into assembly bright and early on Tuesday morning, phones in their pockets per the school’s “no phones during assembly” policy. All but one, a seventh-grader who holds up her phone to record the assembly singing happy birthday to her. She posts it, but not to her personal Instagram. She’s posting to the official school Instagram account. 

“Hello I’m Brooklynn and I am in the seventh grade! I am taking over the MacDuffie Instagram today!” wrote Brooklynn Moore of East Longmeadow, Mass. on the school’s Instagram Story (@themacduffieschool) alongside a photo of her in the play last year. 

Followers of the school’s Instagram and non-followers alike have noticed an uptick of student presence on the school’s official social media channels since the adoption of #TakeoverTuesday was implemented on the MacDuffie Instagram account. On Takeover Tuesdays, the school’s communication department hands over control of their Instagram page to a student to show a day in their life at the school, creating buzz and enthusiasm as the student body anticipates each post. 

Senior Megan Jacques of Granby, Mass. was the first student asked to take over Instagram two weeks ago.

Taking over the MacDuffie Instagram was a very weird yet interesting experience. Students and teachers who I was unfamiliar with would come up to me and ask me about the day and what it was like to take over Instagram. I felt like people were more engaged in the MacDuffie Instagram because of this takeover. Those who said that they didn’t really look at the Instagram were actively following my day and asking me questions along the way,” said Jacques.

Megan answered questions using the “ask me anything” button, such as: What plays do you have this year?

Arsenic and Old Lace is our fall play, Mamma Mia is our winter musical, and the Spring play hasn’t been announced yet!” Megan responded.

Megan also shared inspiring messages a mystery student has been leaving behind on the whiteboard: Let’s make today a great day!

And #TakeoverTuesday was a great day for each of the students, they said. 

“I had a great time taking over the MacDuffie Instagram!” said Moore at the conclusion of her takeover.

Overall, it was a great experience,” Jacques said.

September 17, Moore’s takeover day, coincided with her birthday. Moore shared pictures of her locker decorated with stickers by the head of middle school and documented morning assembly singing happy birthday for her birthday.

“It’s interesting to see the school from a student’s perspective as they take you through your day,” said Head of School Steve Griffin.

“It is great to see the awesome job that our students have been doing in coming up with some really creative content on Instagram.  I am looking forward to the upcoming #TakeoverTuesdays to see what is next!” said Director of Enrollment Management Jeff Quebec.

“Thanks for following my day at MacDuffie, have a great rest of your week!” Jacques signed off. 

Students are scheduled for #TakeoverTuesday on the Tuesday of each week. If you are a MacDuffie student interested into turning your Tuesday into a #TakeoverTuesday, please contact communications@macduffie.org.