MacDuffie Middle School Excursion: Everyone has a Space and a Voice through Play

The Middle School had perfect weather for its annual Excursion Thursday, making up for a rainy cancelation last year. All 31 students and a number of MacDuffie teachers and faculty made their way to Dufrense Park for a full day of get-to-know-you activities, community building, cooperative learning, and good old-fashioned play. During the outing, students worked together to problem solve a number of challenges, showing out-of-the-box thinking and demonstrating the trust, respect, and communication that make the middle school community so special. Students battled in blindfolded landmines, untangled human knots, and made difficult choices like Fortnite or Minecraft, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson – all with a smile. At the center of it all was the idea that everyone in the community had a space and a voice, and students shared their unique personality with the creation of puzzle-pieces which will be on display in the Middle School Lounge. It was a great day for all involved!

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