HomestayMacDuffie’s Homestay Program offers international students the chance to experience American living first-hand. Participating in the Homestay Program gives students a real “family” opportunity where they are included in their host’s daily routines, traditions, and family events just like any other family member.

Hosting an international student is a great way to explore a new culture while forming life-long relationships. Homestay families are expected to provide students with a safe and welcoming “family” experience. Each student must be provided his or her own or semi-private (shared) room, transportation to and from school and school events, and all meals when the student is at home (lunch is provided by school, on school days). Remember, hosting a student takes patience and dedication, and families and students who work at creating healthy experiences will undoubtedly create rewarding, caring relationships. Consider becoming a MacDuffie Homestay Host Family. We would enjoy working with you!

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