The dance program at MacDuffie inspires and motivates students to assume a greater role in their technical and creative development through technique classes, performance practices and choreographic opportunities. Overall, the program is designed to give students of all abilities, the opportunity to explore dance as a performing art.


The program offers classes through a diverse modern dance curriculum. Students learn concepts in various modern dance techniques; using improvisation, choreography, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and anatomy to establish sound technique and performance skills. All courses approach dance through historical and cultural perspectives so students develop an appreciation of the art form. Each student is asked to challenge themselves physically, intellectually, mindfully and emotionally – making connections between all these components of dance to begin to embrace ideas about how their dancing merges with other aspects-their personal value system, school values of CIRCLE (community, integrity, respect, creativity, leadership, and excellence), and our global community.


Students have the opportunity to create dances for the annual Winter and Spring concerts in various dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, tap, modern, ballet and cultural dance. Students sign out studio space throughout the week and organize and run their own rehearsals.

The dance program encourages mentorship, through mandatory showings held prior to concerts, faculty and peers provide feedback to support these emerging choreographers. Once the choreographers meet certain requirements his/her piece is selected for the upcoming performance. At show time, MacDuffie students are responsible for costume, light and set design as well as creating the program.


The MacDuffie Dancers meet 3-4 times a week, after school and is open to students who want to continue development and growth within technique and performance. These rehearsals and classes afford the chance to learn and perform works by faculty and guest artists to be presented in the annual dance concerts.

Our alumni have studied dance at Vassar College, Hampshire College, Wagner College, UARTS, University of Utah and New York University.