The music department at MacDuffie strives to enhance musical understanding, skills and appreciation of all students, and enrich their inner world through the expression of art. Music at MacDuffie provides a chance for performance, growth and artistry as well as preparation of musicians for college level musical activities.
Students get the chance to attend concerts, participate in regional and all-state festivals and perform in and out of school throughout the year.
Middle School students take music through all three grades. 6th graders study music basics, orchestral instruments, keyboard skills and overview American Folk Music. 7th graders explore American music of the 50s-70s and its importance in social change, and 8th graders dedicate a semester to the study of world music. All students sing, play keyboards and drums and study basic notation as part of the curriculum.Middle School Chorus meets once a week and prepares for performances in school concerts and assemblies.

UPPER SCHOOLUpper School music electives are on rotation and include introductory and AP music theory, music appreciation, and music history.

The MacDuffie Singers meet year round and work on vocal and performance techniques, blend, group and solo singing and various repertoire to perform in concerts and assemblies. Advanced singers also have the opportunity to attend all-state events.

The MacDuffie Ensemble is an instrumental ensemble focusing on repertoire, improvisation and various performance techniques.

Student run clubs have included the orchestra band and an acapella group.

Private lessons and instrument rentals are coordinated by the school upon request.



There are two yearly concerts performed at MacDuffie; The Winter Music and Dance Concert, and the Spring Music Concert. The concerts are open to all students to audition. Students select and prepare their pieces with faculty coaching, and are also in charge of stage and light management, photography and MCing.

The Winter Musical production is open to all students to audition and is an excellent extracurricular activity. Students work with faculty from Dance, Music and Theater departments, gain experience, confidence and social skills.