The Theater Department fosters creativity and confidence by acquainting students with theater history and terminology; teaching and improving performance, analytical, and cooperative skills; and helping students develop empathy.

In the Middle School, we require theater classes in 7th grade and 8th grade for all students that include improvisation techniques, research, self-scripting of scenes, and text analysis of pre-scripted works. The 8th grade class also creates their own play each year.

We offer basic and advanced acting classes in the Upper School. In our basic Acting class, students learn and perform both contemporary and classical works. This course provides students an opportunity to perform in a supportive atmosphere as well as to gain confidence.

Acting Ensemble, an advanced course, allows students to take a performance on tour to area schools and to study theater history, acting methods, and styles. The Acting Ensemble writes and produces original one-act plays in the annual Spring Sampler.

The Theater Department puts on three productions a year: the Fall Play, the Winter Musical, and the Spring Play.  Auditions are open to all students, and rehearsals are scheduled outside of classroom time. MacDuffie’s theatrical productions–always a sell-out–provide students an excellent extracurricular activity that looks attractive on college applications. Students also gain a sense of comradery while building self-confidence.

Our photo galleries offer a peek into the visual splendor of a Theater Department experience.