Visual Arts

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Through Drawing, Painting, 3D Art, Portfolio, and Design, MacDuffie students electing to study Visual Arts will learn how to utilize the Elements and Principles of Design to create unique artworks that speak to each individuals’ interest. Students will learn the importance of creative thinking, problem-solving and the significance of Visual Arts in society while developing their individual skills. Students have the opportunity to build on already acquired knowledge and skills as well as opportunities to learn new ones.

Visual Art Visual Art Semester Courses:

  • Drawing
  • Painting 
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture
  • Portfolio



Photo of Jena McNerney

Jena McNerney

Visual Arts Teacher

BSC, Springfield College

Jena McNerney runs the Visual Art program at MacDuffie and owns and operates Level Studio Arts in Easthampton, MA. Jena has taught in both private and public school settings and offers classes at her studio. She focuses on ceramic arts and paintings but loves to explore new materials. She enjoys teaching all ages and is constantly learning important lessons from her students.