Athletics Game and Practice Calendar

october, 2018

03oct8:00 am12:30 pmPVMA Deerfield(AP & US History) - Chaperone Ms. O'Brien

13oct1:21 pm1:21 pmMeghan's Light 4th annual 5k Run/Walk - Look Park

17oct3:00 pm4:30 pmJV Girls Volleyball v SBS

17oct3:00 pm4:30 pmXC @ Winchendon

17oct3:30 pm5:00 pmVarsity Girls Soccer v Berkshire

17oct3:30 pm5:00 pmVarsity Girls Volleyball @ SBS

17oct4:30 pm6:00 pmBasketball College ID Visit

18oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

18oct3:45 pm5:20 pmMacDuffie Dancers Rehearsal

19oct5:00 pm6:30 pmBasketball College ID Visit

20oct9:00 am2:00 pmSET BUILD for Fall Play - Volunteers needed! (brunch is included)

20oct9:30 am11:00 amBasketball ID College Visit

20oct12:00 pm2:00 pmAdmissions Open House

20oct1:00 pm2:30 pmJV Girls Volleyball @ Eagle Hill

22oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

22oct3:45 pm5:20 pmMacDuffie Dancers Rehearsal

22oct4:00 pm5:30 pmJV Boys

23oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

23oct4:00 pm5:30 pmJV Girls Soccer @ Masters

23oct6:30 pm8:30 pm5 C

24oct1:30 pm5:00 pmFall Play Rehearsal

24oct3:00 pm4:30 pmVarsity Boys Soccer v Marianapolis

24oct3:00 pm4:30 pmJV Boys Soccer v Marianapolis

24oct3:45 pm5:15 pmXC @ St. Andrews

24oct4:30 pm6:00 pmVarsity Girls Volleyball v Westover

25oct10:00 am1:30 pmField Trip - Amherst Senior Center(Eng. 12 & Lit. Across Cultures) - Chaperone Ms. Tomkiel

25oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

25oct3:45 pm5:20 pmMacDuffie Dancers Rehearsal

26oct4:00 pm5:30 pmVarsity Boys Soccer v Rocky Hill

26oct4:00 pm5:30 pmJV Boys Soccer v Eagle Brook

26oct4:30 pm6:00 pmJV Girls

26oct4:30 pm6:00 pmVarsity Girls Soccer @ Marianapolis

26oct5:00 pm6:30 pmBasketball College ID Visit

26oct5:30 pm8:00 pmMiddle School Halloween Activity - Computer Lab

26oct6:30 pm9:30 pmHalloween Dance Party(Upper School only event) in Student Center - Hosted by 10th grade

27octAll DayACT

27oct8:30 am1:00 pmTOEFL Exam

27oct9:30 am11:00 amBasketball ID College Visit

27oct2:00 pm3:30 pmVarsity Boys Soccer v St. Andrews

27oct2:00 pm3:30 pmJV Boys Soccer v St. Andrews

27oct3:00 pm4:30 pmVarsity Girls Volleyball @ Marianapolis

27oct4:00 pm5:00 pmXC CISAC Championships- Time and Place TBD

28oct1:00 pm5:00 pmFall Play Rehearsal

29oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

29oct3:45 pm5:20 pmMacDuffie Dancers Rehearsal

30oct3:45 pm5:30 pmFall Play Rehearsal

30oct6:30 pm10:00 pmDance Field Trip NW Dance Project at Umass

30oct6:40 pm10:00 pmField Trip - UMass Fine Arts Center(Modern Dance 1 & 2)- Chaperone Ms. Muzzy

30oct6:40 pm10:00 pmField Trip - UMass Fine Arts Center)Modern Dance 1 & 2) - Chaperone Ms. Muzzy

31octAll DayHalloween

31octAll DayHalloween Costume Contest

31oct1:30 pm5:00 pmFall Play Rehearsal

31oct3:00 pm4:30 pmJV Boys Soccer @ Eaglebrook

31oct3:45 pm5:15 pmJV Girls Volleyball @ Hoosac

31oct4:15 pm5:45 pmJV Boys Soccer @ St. Thomas More