Learning Outside the Classroom

Ocean Park Beach

On Monday, June 2nd the sixth and seventh grades were treated to a beautiful beach day while the eighth grade and Upper School took exams.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Tatro and Joanna Wu, Class of 2019.

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CRRA Trash Museum

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The sixth and seventh grades visited the CRRA Trash Museum in Hartford on Tuesday, June 3rd.  During a guided tour at the museum students learned how items get recycled and re-used. They were surprised to find out plastic recyclables numbers 2 – 7 get turned into plastic wood for outdoor furniture and decking and that plastic number 1 recyclables are turned into fleece!

After a town planning exercise students learned how waste in turned into energy through refuse derived fuel (RDF) to provide electricity to 46,000 homes in Connecticut.

The Trash Temple showcased how far recycling has come in the last years.

The tour ended with a first-hand look at how recyclables are sorted and then sent in bales to North Carolina, Canada, New Jersey, and South Carolina to be melted down and re-used.

After the Trash Museum students visited Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT for a picnic lunch and hiking on nature trails.