Greetings from the Head of School

photo of school head

Hello everyone,

June is always a time for reflection in the academic world – a time to marvel at how quickly the year has gone, to celebrate the good that has happened, and to commit to doing better at the not-so-good.

At our end-of-year faculty meetings, we always take time to celebrate the good work of others.  This year was remarkable in that there were so many accolades – from our French visitors to sports championships, from school plays to science fair, from new activities like Destination Imagination to old reliable ones like Diversity Day, we have  much to celebrate.  We’re so fortunate to be able to surround talented students with talented and passionate faculty and staff.

I always ask people to have a relaxing and refreshing break, so that they can come back to school ready to learn.  This year, I’m going to take a different tack.

If you are a student who is enrolled in ELL, I want to remind you that the best way to get better in English is to read in English!  Don’t enroll in SAT prep or study the dictionary – READ – and when you’re done reading, READ some more!

With that out of the way, I’m hoping that all of our students can talk about how and what they learned this summer upon their return to campus.  Whether it’s a summer job or internship, a commitment to community service or travel, or just a decision to inform yourself more about something, the summer can be a great time to diversify the way that you learn.

I look forward to sharing with all of you again in the fall.  To graduates and their families, I hope that you keep a warm place in your heart for MacDuffie and continue to keep us updated on your life’s journeys.

Best regards,

Steve Griffin