Math Madness Update

MacDuffie’s Math Madness team continues to improve its scores. We have had two matches since the last posting:  October 9 against the Severn School in Maryland, and Oct 16 against the Stony Creek High School in Rochester, Michigan.

On October 9, our top five scorers averaged 5.0 against Severn’s 2.8 for a solid victory.  Kai (Kyle) Zhang and Guo (Daisy) Cheng were tied for top score.  We also had strong performances from students: Quang (Toby) Tran and Thy (Tanya) Vu. in all, thirteen students competed.

On October 16, we increased our average score to 5.6, but couldn’t keep up with Stony Creek, 7.0.  We had a three way tie for top score: Cheolhee (Charley) Lee, Guo (Daisy) Cheng and Suchen (Dollar) Zhu. Also among the top five scores were Zixuan (Camellia) Liu and Tri Nguyen. In all, ten students competed.

We are currently awaiting our assignment for future matches. With a strong enough performance we can hope to be included in a 64 team single elimination bracket (like NCAA Basketball’s March Madness). So far this year we have one win and two losses, but are eager for more matches.

scores on the rise
Scores are on the rise!