Greetings from the Head of School

photo of school head

We can talk about community all that we want, but it is our actions that define us.  The past five days have shown incontrovertible evidence of a strong community at MacDuffie.

On Sunday, twenty-eight of our students came to campus to welcome prospective students to an open house.  They came because they believe in their MacDuffie education – because they want to share with others what it means to be a student and a community member here.  I am pleased to announce that the good news is spreading, as we had a record 35 families to our open house on Sunday.  Those families were able to glimpse the passion and the commitment of our teachers, and they were also able to sense the warmth of welcome from our students.  Eleven of those visitors have already returned to campus for a visit, with more on the way.

On Monday afternoon, about 100 community members attended a candlelight vigil for Skyler Anderson-Coughlin.  Skyler would have been a Senior had he not been taken from us in a tragic car accident on November 10, 2013.  Those who gathered around the Magnolia tree heard a strong message from Skyler’s mom, Seana Coughlin.  Seana implored us to work hard and play hard like Skyler did, and to search for a deeper meaning in it all, because we can never be sure when it will end.  I was particularly impressed to see members of our community in attendance who had never met Skyler.  They showed true selfless empathy for others who were struggling to deal with the absence of a dear friend.

After our School Vice President, Darien Guy, called a MacDuffie Spirit day, about 150 fans watched our first-ever Girls’ Varsity Soccer NEPSAC playoff game. We were able to support the team as they posted a convincing 4-0 victory. More importantly, it was yet another chance for us to come together as a tightly-knit, supportive community.

These community-defining (and community-enhancing) events happen all the time at MacDuffie, and there will soon be more opportunities for us to come together:  our winter athletic teams will have their opening games, and we will soon have the opportunity to celebrate our thespians, dancers and musicians as they display their talents.

Despite all of the evidence presented above, it is perhaps even more import that our community is defined daily through our small gestures and caring words.

Each action, large or small, reminds us what a truly special place this is.

Best regards,


Steve Griffin

Head of School