Coach’s Corner – Boys’ JV Basketball

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MacDuffie 41 Marianapolis 56 

Reaching their penultimate away game, the MacDuffie men were already down three players. Jeffrey Chen, Leo Zhang, and Chris Yu generously lent their talents to the Boy’s 3rds team, who faced a tough competitor of their own. Already missing Marco He, due to illness, and Alex Feng, due to injury, this dwindled MacDuffie’s bench count to four. Still, the Mustangs traded basket for basket with Marianapolis Preparatory School. Ethan Deecher was on fire, hitting two threes in the first couple of minutes alone (and finishing with 17 points), as was Prin Jitroongnuangcha, who hit one. Simon Shi took the game inside, drawing a foul and making a foul shot. However, In a catastrophic turn of events, Shi later twisted his ankle, which rendered him unable to play. Seeing a player down, Dogukan Tumturk added eight points to the scoreboard in retribution to his fallen teammate. This allowed MacDuffie to go into the half hopeful with a lead.

In the second half, Moheet Ahmed and Evan Murdock led the defense by pressuring Marianapolis’ ball-handlers with their full court press. Such efforts gave Victor Godoy offensive opportunities both on the foul line and in the paint. Tunn Prasoprat boxed out, and seized unlikely rebounds.  Unfortunately, Marianapolis Prep pulled ahead in the end, as this was truly a case of a team just running out of gas.


Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

MacDuffie 58 HHNE 47

Finally having a second chance against HHNE, the men of MacDuffie started off immediately with an offense-shattering press defense.  Not knowing how to respond, HHNE threw the ball out of bounds or into the awaiting hands of the defense.  At first, the Mustangs’ efforts proved fruitless, yielding turnovers or missed layups.  As the game heated up, so did their offense.

Alex Feng (9 points) and Dogukan Tumturk (8 points) led the offense in the first portion of the game.  Chris Yu carved his way through the defense, and Evan Murdock had high energy in the press defense.  Defending their home court, MacDuffie went into the half with a decent ten point lead.

Starting the second half, HHNE showed signs of a possible comeback.  Once they chipped the Mustangs’ lead down to 2, Marco He came alive, scoring 12 of the team’s 25 points, mostly with layups.  On defense, Victor Godoy protected the hoop from easy layups, while contributing 8 points over the whole game.  Sticking with man-to-man defense, Ethan Deecher grabbed a few rebounds, leaving Simon Shi in the prime position to bring up the ball.  This victory was truly a team effort.


Friday, January 30th, 2015

MacDuffie 45 NTBS 95

Working with only eight of the fourteen players, MacDuffie knew they would have to dig deep late Friday night.  Facing the vertically gifted NTBS on their home court in Connecticut, the game was immediately off to a rapid start, as NTBS relied heavily on put-backs and inside shots given to their center and forwards.  Alternating between Ethan Deecher, Simon Shi, Victor Godoy, Leo Zhang and Alex Feng down low to try to stop them, with the guards pressuring the offense into quick shots, MacDuffie made them work.  In quarter 2, quick inbounds prevented the MacDuffie Men from setting up against NTBS’s press defense, and turnovers accumulated.  Returning after half time, with the adjustment to set up their offense, MacDuffie was able to make NTBS work.  In the final fourth of the game, Dogukan Tumturk and Ethan Deecher hit a 3-pointer apiece, and Moheet Ahmed continued to lead the defensive communication and help.  Offensively, Alex Feng was high scorer with 8 points, followed closely by Tunn Prasopra with 6, who made all of his baskets in the 4th quarter.

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

MacDuffie 44 Darrow 51

The third game in five days was off to a late start, but MacDuffie was there to play.  It was clear from the opening tipoff that Darrow’s core five would score most of the offense and their bench wasn’t deep.  Prin Jitroongnuangcha made a far-out 3-pointer to kick off the Mustang’s momentum.  Simon Shi was on fire, hitting 2 3-pointers and making all 4 of his foul shots.  MacDuffie’s man-to-man shut the home team down as time dwindled and half time grew close.   Launching our heroes into halftime with energy, Dogukan Tumturk propelled the offense, scoring all 5 of his points and going to the foul line twice.

In the second half the Mustangs startled Darrow with a full court press, which shook their ball handlers.  Moheet Ahmed, a guard, found himself battling for rebounds more often than not.  Unfortunately, because of Darrow’s sturdy first few minutes of the game and first few minutes of the second half, they were able to obtain a lead and sustain it before MacDuffie could catch up.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

MacDuffie 28 Williams 49

Riding high off of a victory the day prior, MacDuffie went into this home game thirsty for more.  With a team goal to abstain from sloppy passes, the game was off to a good start.  In the second quarter, Alex Feng led the offense by scoring 7 of his 11 points.

In the second half, the adjustment to step out on screens could do but so much as communication broke down.  Williams out rebounded the Mustangs, giving them second and third chances on offense.  Lowered hands and slow feet forced MacDuffie to foul, which proved lethal as Williams’ lead grew by way of the foul line. Ethan Deecher led the team in the rebounding department, Dogukan Tumturk led the team with steals.  A good effort by all, we’ll see how the MacDuffie men sync up as the season continues!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

MacDuffie 43 Eagle Hill 30

The Mustangs opened their second away game of the season with strong energy from the jump,.  Tunn Prasoprat set the tone with an offensive put back, as MacDuffie worked to make each possession count.  Ending the first quarter up by one, the Mustangs’ man-to-man was effectively holding Eagle Hill at bay.  Trading point for point during the first half, it looked like the second half would be a tight battle.

Quarter three started with a collective team awareness of smart passes and better communication on defense.  Making a point to call out screens and calling for help when necessary, MacDuffie’s defense held their opponent to a mere 4 points, a quarter of the amount they had scored in the first half.  Cutting their turnovers down enabled Prin Jitroongnuangcha to hit his second 3-pointer of the game, and Marco He to score 8 points, which allowed MacDuffie to enter the final quarter with a 20 point lead.  Simon Shi led the team in rebounds with 8, and Alex Feng followed with 7.  Dogukan Tumturk and Ethan Deecher were able to lead the team with defensive steals.  Let’s hope Mustangs carry their intensity through for the rest of the season!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

MacDuffie Boys 3   20   WMA  29

Hazim Jaber scored 15 points
Oliver Mercier scored 2 points
Mikhail Galaktionov scored 2 points
Songsten Norbu scored 1 point
All players played hard throughout the entire game and kept up with the pace of the game. MacDuffie stayed within a point or two throughout the first half. This caused their opponents to use their press to get them ahead in the third quarter. MacDuffie fought hard and played a great game!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

MacDuffie  29 Masters 38

Following a long break, with recharged batteries the Mustangs moved into their third game of the year, facing Masters.  This was a game for 3-pointer aficionados for sure! Starting off with man-to-man defense, the Mustangs were able to limit their opponents’ field goal options.  The first quarter stayed close, with Prin Jitroongnuangcha and Marco He each knocking a 3-pointer in, to match Masters’ six points.  The second quarter was fairly quiet, with Leo Zhang drawing a shooting foul and going to the line.  Masters was able to score points closer to the hoop, which is where they caused the most damage.

After halftime, MacDuffie came out strong, scoring ten in the third quarter alone, while limiting their opponents to eleven.  Moheet Ahmad and Pedro Barretto both hit 3-pointers, while Simon Shi and Alex Feng made offensive contributions as well.  As the maroon marauders worked to make Masters’ lead diminish, their efforts allowed them to enter the final quarter with the amount of turnovers halved and offensive rebounds improved.  Evan Murdock was on fire with two 3-pointers.  Sticking in a zone defense themselves, MacDuffie beat Masters’ in the fourth quarter 13-7.  A good effort by all members of the team!

Friday November 13th, 2014

MacDuffie 22 WMA 50

The first home game of the season yielded contributions on the floor and bench from all of the Mustangs.  With a bigger crowd than at the previous game, MacDuffie didn’t disappoint.  Sticking with man-to-man in the first half, you heard the floor getting louder as the players became more vocal.  Pedro Barretto and Evan Murdock scored from the 3-point line and Simon Shi and Alex Feng were fearless closer to the hoop.  The Mustangs were starting to be able to take more chances on defense regarding deflections and steals.  In the second half, they were able to startle their opponent with their zone defense, keeping WMA to half of the points they scored during the first half.  Chris Yu wasn’t afraid of contact and Jerry Li made a strong move offensively.

After playing two hard games in the same week, one thing is for sure: the Mustangs will be going into Winter Break with heads held high.

Wednesday November 5th, 2014

MacDuffie 48 HHNE 51

The MacDuffie men opened up their season in West Hartford, at HHNE’s home court.  While this was HHNE’s third game of the season, the Mustangs were in their first week fully together.  However, anyone watching would not have been able to tell.  Both teams took turns leading throughout the game.  In the first quarter, Pedro Barretto and Alex Feng made noise on the offensive side.  Once HHNE tried to limit their options, this allowed Ethan Deecher and Simon Shi to add numbers to the scoreboard.  Dogukan Tumturk drove strong to the basket and forced HHNE to use up fouls to stop him throughout the game.  Moheet Ahmad and Prin Jitroongnuangcha’s intensity and aggression set the tone on the defensive end.  HHNE held the lead consistently for the last few minutes of the game, with MacDuffie threatening to catch up, and the game came down to the last shot.

HHNE will definitely have to watch out for the Mustangs gaining on them when they match up later in the season.