Thanksgiving with the Os Family

Over Thanksgiving Break the Os Family welcomed several MacDuffie boarders into their home.

Charley, Henry, Jason, Kenneth, Simon, Marco, David L., and David G. joined them for much more than just Thanksgiving Dinner.

by Reagan Os (’18)


I thought that having to share a bathroom with one boy was difficult, until I had to share one with eight boys.

Other than having to take ice cold showers because the hot water ran out, the break was a blast!



There was never a dull moment in the house.  When the power ran out and we could not finish watching Harry Potter, some of us decided to go outside and have a snowball fight and build a snowman.

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Also, everyone had a fun time competing with each other in some type of video game.


My favorite thing to do was our music sessions.


We had people playing piano, guitar, and everyone was singing, having eight people singing in one room sounded awful, but that didn’t matter.


We made amazing bonds with each other and memories that will last a lifetime.