The MacDuffie Book Club

The MacDuffie book club started in January of 2015 with approximately 15 members. The intention of this book club is solely to spread the joy and love of books around the school. and throughout the community.

book club 1

Many students struggle to find books they like, or struggle to enjoy books that are not academic. This club allows for all students, grades 6-12 to enjoy literature in their own time without the worry of needing the story information for an assessment. Often, students will say they can never find anything good to read or never know what to read next. The MacDuffie book club allows students to come together to share their recommendations with each others, leaving members with a strong list of at least 10-12 reading possibilities along with the chosen book to read together.

book club 2

So far we have read two books: Graceling by Kristin Cashore and The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. We choose our books by a majority of votes, and take two weeks to read the story. We strive to ensure that our book choices are community appropriate and are exciting for all students. Students interested in joining the book club are invited to attend their next meeting on March 26th.