Coach’s Corner- Badminton

MacDuffie 4       Marianapolis 3

MacDuffie’s Men’s #1 Leon Chen defeated his opponent 2-0 in a very close match. Men’s #2 Chris Yu, also in a very close match defeated his opponent 2-0.

MacDuffie’s Women’s #1 Cathy Zhao unfortunately was injured during the warmups and was replaced by Gretl Qui who lost the first set, won the second set, and in a marathon third set lost 2-1. Women’s #2, Muffin Thitaparun won a convincing 2-0.

After the singles matches, MacDuffie lead 3-1, but MacDuffie’s Luddar Lu and Bob Bao lost 2-0 to a very strong Marianapolis pair.  The women’s pair of Ade Olua and Echa Nunaki had a convincing 2-0 win. In the mixed doubles Poom Prasopsukh and Vivian Fu lost the first set, tied the second set, and narrowly lost the third set to lose the match 2-1.

Overall, MacDuffie held on to win 4-3!