Middle School Excursion 2015

When we arrived at Dufresne park the grass was damp but the students’ spirits were not!


On September 16th, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade traveled to local Dufresne park in Granby for a day of camaraderie.


Mr. Vennell worked his magic and transformed the students into chickens, dogs, cows, and a few other animals, as he guided them through a number of team building activities.


There was plenty of laughter to be shared as Mr. Rivera led the students in a variety of cooperative team building activities. The “convey belt” seemed to be a hit!


Ms. Hastings prepared the puzzle pieces for the annual middle school puzzle. Each middle school student adorned their piece with symbols that expressed their individuality. Later, students worked together, in silence, to put their beautiful, patchwork puzzle together, representing the middle school student body as a collective entity. This artwork is currently on display in Ms Albanese’s office.


The excursion was a day of bonding, laughter, and memories.