Learning the Art of Acting

Submitted by Ian Soares ’16
I heard about the Berridge Conservatory thru my acting teacher, Ms. Benedict.
the berridge crew
I like to travel and love to act, so this opportunity seemed perfect as it was a four week acting program over the summer in Normandy, France.
A Winters Tale
The conservatory started eight years ago, with only a few students and now consists of around thirty actors including myself, and five professional actors who lead the courses.
greg ainsworth, A Winters Tale
I was surprised and fortunate enough to work with professionals in the film, television and stage industry.
Laban technique
I left Berridge with a more complex understanding of acting, new techniques, and new connections.
IMPROV group
If someone is looking for a place to be creative, explore their passion for theatre, and have a ton of fun, Berridge is the place to go.
host- performance night