Learning Outside the Classroom

Leverett Peace Pagoda

On Tuesday, September 29th, the Peace Studies and World Religion classes went to the Peace Pagoda in Leverett, MA.


We were escorted around the Pagoda by Sister Clair Carter, as she introduced us to Buddhism, in general, and the philosophy and history of the Pagoda, specifically.


We then helped the Pagoda prepare for its 30th anniversary celebration by cleaning and weeding.


After that we spent time in quiet contemplation and solitude in such a peaceful setting.


We then went to Amherst, MA to enjoy some ethnic food of our choice and enjoyed the wonderful weather and each others’ company.


Art in the Orchard

On Monday, October 5th the eighth grade went to Easthampton, MA to see the Art in the Orchard exhibition of sculptures produced by local and regional artists.


The students were enthused and inspired by what they saw, particularly the Large Frame and the Mirrored Shed.



Students were required to answer questions, both in general about art and the creative process and in particular about the individual sculptures.


Afterward, we had lunch in this beautiful setting.


We then boarded the buses and headed to the University of Massachusetts Sunwheel, a smaller version of Stonehenge.


After an initial exploration period, we discussed the reasons for seasons on the Earth and the sunwheel itself, how it was built and the way it was situated in relation to the movements of the Earth, the moon, and the sun.