Admissions Now Working with Duolingo

We are pleased to announce that The MacDuffie School is now a Duolingo English Test Partner, adding to our list of options for English proficiency testing for prospective international students.

Duolingo is the world’s largest online language-learning platform and the world’s most downloaded education app for both Android and iOS devices. The platform includes a free language-learning app, a crowd-sourced text translation platform, and a language proficiency assessment center.

The company has now created a reliable and user-friendly English language proficiency exam called Duolingo English Test (DET) that students can take on any platform (computer, phone, tablet). The DET can be taken any time and is a fast, inexpensive alternative to other options—it takes approximately 30 minutes and costs $49. The exam uses computer-adaptive testing, meaning the questions will automatically adapt to each test-takers’ ability, generating a different set of questions for every session. The exam requires the Google Chrome browser and a computer equipped with camera and microphone. The testing session is recorded and verified by a Duolingo proctor, and the results are available to students and the Admissions Office within 48 hours.

Our goal is to improve the application experience for international students while still receiving reliable results. If you are an international student applying to The MacDuffie School, you can take the test here.