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Science Fair 2017

Why do people prefer the left side of a face in a photo?

Could antibacterial hand gel work on plant fungi?

And colors: Which is best for reading retention, and which is best for portion control?

These are just a few of the questions posed at this year’s Science Fair, which featured projects from both Middle and Upper Schools. In addition to judges within the MacDuffie community, we also had area STEM professionals serve as judges (asking students questions and speaking with them in-depth about their projects). A special thank you to physics teacher Mr. Stella for coordinating the effort!

Diversity Day 2017

Our annual Diversity Day–26 years and counting!–promotes an exchange of ideas, hobbies, and culture through workshops and activities.

The morning began with Zeke Cohen, Baltimore City Councilman and former student of Mrs. Vachet, speaking on “Building an Equitable Community.” We then had more than 20 workshops led by both students and faculty, including: Desi for a Day, The Peace Corps, Unicycling, Lebanese Culture, Chinese Food and Culture, Cosmetology, Intro to Yo-Yo, Ecuadorian Culture, Zumba, Vietnamese Food, Civic Engagement, Harry Potter Trivia, Fun with Ukeleles, and more. We also had a yoga session led by Eric Love and a performance of Afro-Cuban music by Iroko Nuevo. To conclude the festivities, Khadija Gurnah of MomsRising spoke on “Diversity to Activism.”

So many workshops, so little time!  We’ll just have to do this again next year…