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MacDuffie School Sends Three Students On Ivy League Path

The MacDuffie School will see three local students tackle Ivy League education in the fall of 2019. The three young women, Nicolette Peterson, Aurora Basnet, and Yunxia Hallowell will set foot on the college path at some of the top-ranked Ivy League schools on the East coast. It is an impressive representation among a senior class of only 75 learners.

Peterson, a native of Granby, Mass. will go to the University of Pennsylvania.

“I’m planning on majoring in cognitive science and studying pre-med at Penn. I’m very excited, but I’m definitely a little nervous too. I’ll be living in the middle of Philadelphia, which is a very different environment than Granby where I’ve grown up. I’ll miss all of the incredible friends and teachers that I’ve been able to spend the past six years with. Also, I’ll definitely miss making it rain with Mr. Vennell,” said Peterson, referring to an activity led by Mr. Vennell during assembly where the entire student body layers sounds of snapping, shuffling feet, and rubbing hands to simulate the sound of a thunderstorm.

Basnet, also from Granby, will pursue a degree at Cornell in global and public health sciences on a pre-med path.

“Becoming a Cornell student is one of my wildest dreams manifesting. At Cornell, I am incredibly excited to delve further into my passions for public health practice and policy. However, despite all the excitement I have for my future, I will terribly miss the MacDuffie community that has molded me into who I am today. After all, although I am becoming a Cornellian, I will forever be a Mustang,” said Basnet.

Yunxia Hallowell, who hails from Springfield, Mass. will join the Princeton ranks this fall.

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to be a student at Princeton, and I’m so grateful to my family, my mentors, and everyone else who helped me through the college process. I’m especially thankful to my teachers, whether they dealt with me for one semester or six years; I’ll miss my MacDuffie teachers next year,” said Hallowell, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do impactful work with my professors,” she said.

Hallowell is currently undecided on a major but says she is thinking about majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs.

“I am very proud of all of our students, but want to commend these three young women in particular for their accomplishments.  The Ivy League schools are looking for a special kind of student, who wishes to make a lasting impact in the world. These three students meet that standard and more!” said Head of School Steve Griffin.

Students at The MacDuffie School represent 25 different countries, bringing with them a diversity of experience to a shared corner of the globe in Granby, Mass.

This article was featured in The Sentinel on July 25, 2019.

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Commencement 2019

Farewell to the class of 2019! MacDuffie celebrated its commencement ceremony with song, speeches, and cheers at Abbey Chapel, which sent 77 graduates from 15 countries to their future endeavors.

“[MacDuffie] taught us that we are valuable members of society and that our voices deserve to be heard,” Student Body President Talia Wiesel said, encouraging her classmates to use their voices and the tools for success learned at MacDuffie as they go forth in the world.

“I have so much respect for everyone here today. All of the amazing graduates, and all of the faculty, family, and friends that have helped us to get to this point,” Head Duty Prefect Olivia Ramirez-Weissbach said. She invoked MacDuffie’s CIRCLE values of community, integrity, respect, creativity, leadership, and excellence in her speech.

English Department Chairperson Carol Tomkiel, chosen to be this year’s faculty commencement speaker, told the graduates she hopes they will “hear the call to your own authentic life.”

Along their future journeys, Tomkiel urged graduates to make and keep true friends, “someone that can see the jewel down inside of you.”

(Photos courtesy of Grynn and Barrett)

Summer Reading 2019

The English Department announces its 2019 Summer Reading Program. For information about titles, thought questions, writing requirements, and online purchasing, go to the English Department tab and click on the submenu “Summer Reading 2019” or follow the link here. You can also type “Summer Reading 2019” into the search bar. We wish you a wonderful summer of reading!

Announcing 2018-19 Year-End Honor Roll

Congratulations to The MacDuffie School students who’s sustained academic effort has earned distinct placement on year-end honor roll. The honor roll serves to recognize students who have achieved noteworthy grades and effort in their course work. The honor roll is determined each semester based on the grades earned in that semester. Year-end honor roll is awarded to those students who made honor roll in both the first and second semesters. Truly an achievement to be proud of!

This list is organized by grade and then alphabetically. 

First Name Last Name Grade  Recognition
Oliver Barcome-Laflamme 6 Maximum Honors
Mateo Lopez 6 High Honors
Brooklynn Moore 6 Maximum Honors
Mika Sellers 6 Maximum Honors
Seth Tramazzo 6 Maximum Honors
Gabrielle Benoit 7 Maximum Honors
Matthew Brown 7 High Honors
Moroni Hua 7 Maximum Honors
Koda Jacque 7 High Honors
Samantha Keser 7 Maximum Honors
Ayden Legowski 7 High Honors
Tineus McCluster 7 High Honors
Emily Parnicky 7 Maximum Honors
Adam Stetson 7 Maximum Honors
Mary Styspeck 7 Honors
Sara Avery 8 High Honors
Julianna Mason 8 Maximum Honors
Zachary Mavlouganes 8 High Honors
John Mayock 8 High Honors
Artem Nazarov 8 Maximum Honors
William Platt 8 Maximum Honors
Ryan Priestly 8 High Honors
Jillian Scott 8 Honors
Gabrielle Shumway 8 Maximum Honors
Nathan Stevenson 8 High Honors
Alexis Stratton 8 High Honors
Alexa Wiesel 8 High Honors
Edinam Ablordeppey 9 Maximum Honors
Elikem Ablordeppey 9 Honors
Mariel Baez 9 Maximum Honors
Kexin Chen 9 Honors
Yuxin Duan 9 High Honors
Nevaeh Grimes 9 Maximum Honors
Samantha Jacques 9 Maximum Honors
Zi Jian Jiang 9 High Honors
Brianna Jones 9 Maximum Honors
Seiri Lee 9 Honors
Jiahui Liao 9 High Honors
Kaitao Luo 9 Maximum Honors
Sasha Middleton 9 Honors
Akana Nakamura 9 Maximum Honors
Madeline Niedbala 9 Honors
Olivia Niedbala 9 Honors
Emmi Nunes 9 Honors
Angelika Osowiecki 9 Maximum Honors
Ashlie Peña 9 High Honors
Piper Polga 9 High Honors
Kiara Rogers 9 High Honors
Polina Spirina 9 High Honors
Brian Squire 9 Maximum Honors
Zi Wang 9 High Honors
Minhao Xie 9 Honors
Chengling Xu 9 High Honors
Lal Yuksel 9 High Honors
Syeda Zahoor 9 High Honors
Zhiyu Zhu 9 Honors
Mohammed Abbasi 10 Maximum Honors
Junqi Cui 10 High Honors
Vy Dinh 10 High Honors
Lily Griffin 10 High Honors
Kiet Hoang 10 Maximum Honors
Ly Hoang 10 Maximum Honors
Qi Hu 10 High Honors
Marie Hua 10 Maximum Honors
Ksenia Kondratyeva 10 Maximum Honors
Anh Le 10 Maximum Honors
Haisu Li 10 Honors
Jinqi Liu 10 High Honors
Jiahao Lu 10 Honors
Katarzyna Ludkiewicz 10 Maximum Honors
Evan Manioudakis 10 Honors
Anh Nguyen 10 High Honors
Nam Nguyen 10 Honors
Quang Nguyen 10 High Honors
Tuscan Onuoha 10 Honors
Jillian Ouimet 10 Honors
Leslie Peña 10 Maximum Honors
Zachary Roulier 10 High Honors
Chenling Tang 10 High Honors
Maxim Tishchenko 10 High Honors
Laurel Tramazzo 10 High Honors
Zhirui Xia 10 High Honors
Junmin Zhu 10 Maximum Honors
Zhexi Zhu 10 Honors
Wenxin Zou 10 Maximum Honors
Dima Aboukasm 11 Maximum Honors
Sofiia Akhmechet 11 Maximum Honors
Daiki Akita 11 Honors
Hoang Bui 11 High Honors
An Cao 11 Maximum Honors
Hanghe Cao 11 High Honors
Marcus Cole 11 Maximum Honors
Cam Corliss 11 Maximum Honors
Derrick Cruz 11 High Honors
Duc Dao 11 Maximum Honors
Dung Doan 11 Honors
Grace Drost 11 High Honors
Ian Hua 11 Maximum Honors
Efim Ivanov 11 High Honors
Alison Jackson 11 Maximum Honors
Megan Jacques 11 Maximum Honors
Arina Kharakhashyan 11 Maximum Honors
Yujia Liu 11 Honors
Madeleine LaChance 11 Maximum Honors
Ha Le 11 Maximum Honors
Son Le 11 Maximum Honors
Maya Levine 11 Maximum Honors
Peiyuan Lin 11 Maximum Honors
Martina Lopez 11 Honors
Ningxuan Lu 11 High Honors
Pengcheng Lu 11 High Honors
Huiqin Mao 11 High Honors
Dale Messer 11 Maximuim Honors
Hiep Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Khanh Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Nhung Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Quan Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Trung Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Athis Osathapan 11 Maximum Honors
Edgar Padilla 11 Honors
John Parrish 11 Honors
Savannah Richard 11 High Honors
Phoebe Shelburne 11 High Honors
Jordyn Shepard 11 High Honors
Daniela Tishchenko 11 Maximum Honors
Ayse Beyza Tumturk 11 Maximum Honors
Mehmet Tuncer 11 High Honors
Turec Akalin 12 High Honors
Charles Avery 12 Honors
Aurora Basnet 12 Maximum Honors
John Lucas Bellingall 12 Maximum Honors
Georgianna Brown 12 Maximum Honors
Asmaa Chaudhry 12 Maximum Honors
Yanru Chen 12 Maximum Honors
Julia Cloutier 12 Honors
Michael Cruz 12 Honors
Mikhail Galaktionov 12 Maximum Honors
Mustafa Gureltol 12 Maximum Honors
Yunxia Hallowell 12 Maximum Honors
Ziqi He 12 High Honors
Eugene Hong 12 Honors
Xiaochu Hu 12 High Honors
Craig Judicki 12 Maximum Honors
Gabriella Keser 12 Maximum Honors
Jessie Kong 12 Maximum Honors
Chloe LaDuke 12 Maximum Honors
Kirill Lazarev 12 Maximum Honors
Huong Le 12 Maximum Honors
May Le 12 Maximum Honors
Alexis Legowski 12 Maximum Honors
Manning Li 12 Honors
Anna Ludkiewicz 12 Maximum Honors
Oliver Mercier 12 High Honors
Haley Moriarty 12 Maximum Honors
Avery Murphy 12 High Honors
Gia Nguyen 12 High Honors
Hoang Nguyen 12 Maximum Honors
Matthew Niemczura 12 Maximum Honors
Nicolette Peterson 12 Maximum Honors
Morrigan Planter 12 High Honors
Chenxi Pu 12 High Honors
Olivia Ramirez 12 Maximum Honors
Jacob Roulier 12 High Honors
Cynthia Saygan 12 Maximum Honors
Sarah Scott 12 Maximum Honors
Emir Sengun 12 Honors
Arhum Shaikh 12 Maximum Honors
Sophia Sharp 12 Maximum Honors
Mengqi Sun 12 Maximum Honors
Pelin Top 12 High Honors
Zixun Wang 12 Maximum Honors
Talia Wiesel 12 Maximum Honors
Mengxi Wu 12 Honors
Hanbei Xiong 12 High Honors
Shiyu Zhao 12 Honors


Academic Convocation 2019

Last night’s academic convocation celebrated the stunning success of our students in the classroom, but it also celebrated the way our experiences within the classroom can have a stunning impact on our lives.

At last night’s ceremony, Head of School Steve Griffin announced the permanent renaming of our 10th Grade Departmental Award in Visual Arts. Ms. Hastings then had the honor of bestowing the Jo-Ann Hastings Award to its first recipient, Marie Hua.

“The Jo-Ann Hastings Award in the Visual Arts recognizes the contribution of Jo-Ann Hastings, MacDuffie Visual Art teacher from 1986 to 2019. This award recognizes the qualities that Ms. Hastings encourages: technical excellence, creativity, and the understanding that through perseverance, one can always improve one’s artwork,” said Griffin.

As Ms. Hastings enters retirement after 33 years, she brings with her a magnolia tree gifted during the ceremony.

These are some photographs of last night’s academic convocation. A complete honor roll list is forthcoming.

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