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Mamma Mia! The Winter Musical Is On Its Way

Originally published by Hannah Lee ’20 on The MacDuffie MagnetMacDuffie’s Winter Musical, “Mamma Mia!”, is scheduled to run from Friday, Feb. 28 through Sunday, Mar. 1, 2020.

The theater department held “Mamma Mia!” auditions on Dec. 9 to Dec. 11 in the Little Theater.

“Mamma Mia!” includes pop music from the group ABBA that was not written to be a musical. Art Department Chair and Theater Teacher Becky Beth Benedict, who is both the director and the producer said, “the songs are really catchy, and it would be a really good opportunity for us to make the audience feel easier that way.”

She also highlights that it is the first musical including the bagpipes. Compared to past productions, the musicians are also going to be playing more rock and roll instruments such as electric guitars. She is planning to have interactive activities such as photo zones and games for the audience as well.

“I am obsessed with this show. Just talking about it makes me smile… I am excited to make plans, plan all the props, and to have people in the room with me who are also in love with the productions,” said Benedict. She expects the performers to be excited because the show is all about joy.

The show “Mamma Mia!” is about a mother and daughter that live on an island in Greece. The daughter, Sophie, is going to be married soon, but the mother, Donna, is uncertain about the marriage. At the same time, Sophie wants to find out who her father is. After she coincidentally reads her mom’s old journal, she finds out that she has three possible fathers (Bill, Sam, and Harry) and invites all of them to her wedding. Donna invites her enthusiastic best friends who were in the same band as her when they were younger. The mother soon finds out that the fathers are on the island, worries more about her daughter’s marriage and realizes that she is still in love with one of them.

Benedict wants to point out two things: “One, to the people who are thinking, kind of, sort of, possibly, the show is going to be so fun to get involved whatever roles you get. So be brave.” Since thirty people signed up already, she believes there is going to be some competition for leading roles. She is excited to see who is going to show up and eventually come together.

“Last, to anyone who wants to see the show, get the tickets quickly because it is going to be sold out fast.”

Come To The 2019 Spring Visual Art Show and Dance Concert!

The 2019 Spring Visual Art Show and Dance Concert is coming soon to a MacDuffie gymnasium near you!
Friday, May 3rd & Saturday, May 4th
Visual Art Show 6:30pm
Dance Concert  7:00pm.
Both are located in the Gymnasium
Featuring student visual artwork and student, faculty and guest choreography.
Tickets $6 at the door only.
Plenty of seating available.
Children 10 and under: free
MacDuffie Students covered by Student Activity Fee-Please sign in.
For more information, contact Ms. Muzzy

Sign up for Literary England: “From Shakespeare to Harry Potter” now!

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Red Carpet Awards

We love this tradition! Our glamorous annual Red Carpet Awards honored students for achievements in Theater, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts. Thanks to Ms. B3, Ms. Tew, Ms. Meirovich, Mr. Kaminski, Ms. Muzzy, and Ms. Hastings for coordinating the event!

This year’s recipients were as follows:


Outstanding Middle School Newcomer in Theater – Koda Jacqu
Outstanding Middle School Supporting Performer – Gabriel (Gabe) Shumway
Outstanding Middle School Performer – Vivian O’Connor
The Golden Flashlight –  Abigail Mayock
Outstanding Newcomer in Theater Sofia  Akhmechet
Outstanding Supporting Performer -Jessica  Pham
Outstanding Breakout Performer -Nam Vo
Outstanding Upper School  Performer – Nhung  (Rose) Nguyen
Edwin F. Lyman Technical Award – Megan Jacques
Special Achievement in Theater Award – Sudenaz Yilmaz
Senior Achievement Award – Kevin Hong



National Honor Society for Dance Arts – the following inductees will graduate with honors:

Kayla Deecher
Zeynep Erol
Taylor Pluta
Jordan Skibel
Jocelyn St. Onge

Choreographic Excellence Award – Olivia Ramirez-Weissbach
Performance Award – Sophie Sharp, Savannah Richard, Khay Mahdi
Emerging Dancer Award – Emily Parnicky
Dancer Award-Silver Slipper – Zeynep Erol
Dance Scholar Award – Aurora Basnet, Rachel Liu
Dance Service Award – Zeynep Erol
Senior Dance Award – Kayla Deecher, Zeynep Erol, Rachel Liu, Khaylen Mahdi, Taylor Pluta, Gretel Qiu, Yusuf Rumbindi, Jordan Skibel, Jocelyn St. Onge



Outstanding Vocalist, Middle School – Seiri Lee
Most Improved Vocalist, Middle School – Reece Tramazzo
Outstanding Instrumentalist, Middle School – Liam Brown
Most Improved Instrumentalist, Middle School – Grace Marquez, John Mayock
Outstanding Vocalist, Upper School – Gretl Qiu
Most Improved Vocalist Award, Upper School – Sherry He
Outstanding Stage Performance – Alex Hao
Most Improved Stage Performance – James Hu, Ariel Pu
Outstanding Instrumentalist, Upper School – Hans Li
Most Improved Instrumentalist, Upper School – Andrew Cao
Musical Versatility Award – Marie Hua, Celine Wang
Music Scholar Award – Owen Albanese
Senior Music Award – Gene Qu, Billy Xu, Alex Hao, Nam Vo, Jackie Wei, Zandra Yin, Molly Liu, Celine Wang, Gretl Qiu, Stella Quach, Alex Wang, Hans Li, Long Chau, Reagan Os


Excellence in Technique – Yusuf Rumbindi, Ethan Deecher, Adam Stetson
Excellence in Creativity – Marie Hua, Mustafa Berke Gureltol, Koda Jacque
Excellence in Creativity & Technique – Katarzyna Ludkiewicz, Daniela Tishchenko, Sophie Griffin
The Golden Easel – John Lucas Bellingall, Georgie Brown
Most Promising Newcomer – Judy Zhu, Sofiia Akhmechet, Yihong (Eva) Lin, Nathan Stevenson