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Trash is a Treasure for Learning

Tuesday, October 22, middle schoolers took a very “gloves-on” approach to their studies. Students spent time exploring one of archaeology’s greatest treasures: the trash! A lot can be learned about a civilization by analyzing its waste, and the MacDuffie community is no exception. With an understanding of stratigraphy, students could assess which items were thrown away more recently than others and they used their supreme sleuthing skills to identify where each bag of trash had come from. It was a very smelly and informative adventure!

MacDuffie Middle School Excursion: Everyone has a Space and a Voice through Play

The Middle School had perfect weather for its annual Excursion Thursday, making up for a rainy cancelation last year. All 31 students and a number of MacDuffie teachers and faculty made their way to Dufrense Park for a full day of get-to-know-you activities, community building, cooperative learning, and good old-fashioned play. During the outing, students worked together to problem solve a number of challenges, showing out-of-the-box thinking and demonstrating the trust, respect, and communication that make the middle school community so special. Students battled in blindfolded landmines, untangled human knots, and made difficult choices like Fortnite or Minecraft, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson – all with a smile. At the center of it all was the idea that everyone in the community had a space and a voice, and students shared their unique personality with the creation of puzzle-pieces which will be on display in the Middle School Lounge. It was a great day for all involved!

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#TakeoverTuesday Creates Buzz On MacDuffie Instagram

Students file into assembly bright and early on Tuesday morning, phones in their pockets per the school’s “no phones during assembly” policy. All but one, a seventh-grader who holds up her phone to record the assembly singing happy birthday to her. She posts it, but not to her personal Instagram. She’s posting to the official school Instagram account. 

“Hello I’m Brooklynn and I am in the seventh grade! I am taking over the MacDuffie Instagram today!” wrote Brooklynn Moore of East Longmeadow, Mass. on the school’s Instagram Story (@themacduffieschool) alongside a photo of her in the play last year. 

Followers of the school’s Instagram and non-followers alike have noticed an uptick of student presence on the school’s official social media channels since the adoption of #TakeoverTuesday was implemented on the MacDuffie Instagram account. On Takeover Tuesdays, the school’s communication department hands over control of their Instagram page to a student to show a day in their life at the school, creating buzz and enthusiasm as the student body anticipates each post. 

Senior Megan Jacques of Granby, Mass. was the first student asked to take over Instagram two weeks ago.

Taking over the MacDuffie Instagram was a very weird yet interesting experience. Students and teachers who I was unfamiliar with would come up to me and ask me about the day and what it was like to take over Instagram. I felt like people were more engaged in the MacDuffie Instagram because of this takeover. Those who said that they didn’t really look at the Instagram were actively following my day and asking me questions along the way,” said Jacques.

Megan answered questions using the “ask me anything” button, such as: What plays do you have this year?

Arsenic and Old Lace is our fall play, Mamma Mia is our winter musical, and the Spring play hasn’t been announced yet!” Megan responded.

Megan also shared inspiring messages a mystery student has been leaving behind on the whiteboard: Let’s make today a great day!

And #TakeoverTuesday was a great day for each of the students, they said. 

“I had a great time taking over the MacDuffie Instagram!” said Moore at the conclusion of her takeover.

Overall, it was a great experience,” Jacques said.

September 17, Moore’s takeover day, coincided with her birthday. Moore shared pictures of her locker decorated with stickers by the head of middle school and documented morning assembly singing happy birthday for her birthday.

“It’s interesting to see the school from a student’s perspective as they take you through your day,” said Head of School Steve Griffin.

“It is great to see the awesome job that our students have been doing in coming up with some really creative content on Instagram.  I am looking forward to the upcoming #TakeoverTuesdays to see what is next!” said Director of Enrollment Management Jeff Quebec.

“Thanks for following my day at MacDuffie, have a great rest of your week!” Jacques signed off. 

Students are scheduled for #TakeoverTuesday on the Tuesday of each week. If you are a MacDuffie student interested into turning your Tuesday into a #TakeoverTuesday, please contact

Announcing 2018-19 Year-End Honor Roll

Congratulations to The MacDuffie School students who’s sustained academic effort has earned distinct placement on year-end honor roll. The honor roll serves to recognize students who have achieved noteworthy grades and effort in their course work. The honor roll is determined each semester based on the grades earned in that semester. Year-end honor roll is awarded to those students who made honor roll in both the first and second semesters. Truly an achievement to be proud of!

This list is organized by grade and then alphabetically. 

First Name Last Name Grade  Recognition
Oliver Barcome-Laflamme 6 Maximum Honors
Mateo Lopez 6 High Honors
Brooklynn Moore 6 Maximum Honors
Mika Sellers 6 Maximum Honors
Seth Tramazzo 6 Maximum Honors
Gabrielle Benoit 7 Maximum Honors
Matthew Brown 7 High Honors
Moroni Hua 7 Maximum Honors
Koda Jacque 7 High Honors
Samantha Keser 7 Maximum Honors
Ayden Legowski 7 High Honors
Tineus McCluster 7 High Honors
Emily Parnicky 7 Maximum Honors
Adam Stetson 7 Maximum Honors
Mary Styspeck 7 Honors
Sara Avery 8 High Honors
Julianna Mason 8 Maximum Honors
Zachary Mavlouganes 8 High Honors
John Mayock 8 High Honors
Artem Nazarov 8 Maximum Honors
William Platt 8 Maximum Honors
Ryan Priestly 8 High Honors
Jillian Scott 8 Honors
Gabrielle Shumway 8 Maximum Honors
Nathan Stevenson 8 High Honors
Alexis Stratton 8 High Honors
Alexa Wiesel 8 High Honors
Edinam Ablordeppey 9 Maximum Honors
Elikem Ablordeppey 9 Honors
Mariel Baez 9 Maximum Honors
Kexin Chen 9 Honors
Yuxin Duan 9 High Honors
Nevaeh Grimes 9 Maximum Honors
Samantha Jacques 9 Maximum Honors
Zi Jian Jiang 9 High Honors
Brianna Jones 9 Maximum Honors
Seiri Lee 9 Honors
Jiahui Liao 9 High Honors
Kaitao Luo 9 Maximum Honors
Sasha Middleton 9 Honors
Akana Nakamura 9 Maximum Honors
Madeline Niedbala 9 Honors
Olivia Niedbala 9 Honors
Emmi Nunes 9 Honors
Angelika Osowiecki 9 Maximum Honors
Ashlie Peña 9 High Honors
Piper Polga 9 High Honors
Kiara Rogers 9 High Honors
Polina Spirina 9 High Honors
Brian Squire 9 Maximum Honors
Zi Wang 9 High Honors
Minhao Xie 9 Honors
Chengling Xu 9 High Honors
Lal Yuksel 9 High Honors
Syeda Zahoor 9 High Honors
Zhiyu Zhu 9 Honors
Mohammed Abbasi 10 Maximum Honors
Junqi Cui 10 High Honors
Vy Dinh 10 High Honors
Lily Griffin 10 High Honors
Kiet Hoang 10 Maximum Honors
Ly Hoang 10 Maximum Honors
Qi Hu 10 High Honors
Marie Hua 10 Maximum Honors
Ksenia Kondratyeva 10 Maximum Honors
Anh Le 10 Maximum Honors
Haisu Li 10 Honors
Jinqi Liu 10 High Honors
Jiahao Lu 10 Honors
Katarzyna Ludkiewicz 10 Maximum Honors
Evan Manioudakis 10 Honors
Anh Nguyen 10 High Honors
Nam Nguyen 10 Honors
Quang Nguyen 10 High Honors
Tuscan Onuoha 10 Honors
Jillian Ouimet 10 Honors
Leslie Peña 10 Maximum Honors
Zachary Roulier 10 High Honors
Chenling Tang 10 High Honors
Maxim Tishchenko 10 High Honors
Laurel Tramazzo 10 High Honors
Zhirui Xia 10 High Honors
Junmin Zhu 10 Maximum Honors
Zhexi Zhu 10 Honors
Wenxin Zou 10 Maximum Honors
Dima Aboukasm 11 Maximum Honors
Sofiia Akhmechet 11 Maximum Honors
Daiki Akita 11 Honors
Hoang Bui 11 High Honors
An Cao 11 Maximum Honors
Hanghe Cao 11 High Honors
Marcus Cole 11 Maximum Honors
Cam Corliss 11 Maximum Honors
Derrick Cruz 11 High Honors
Duc Dao 11 Maximum Honors
Dung Doan 11 Honors
Grace Drost 11 High Honors
Ian Hua 11 Maximum Honors
Efim Ivanov 11 High Honors
Alison Jackson 11 Maximum Honors
Megan Jacques 11 Maximum Honors
Arina Kharakhashyan 11 Maximum Honors
Yujia Liu 11 Honors
Madeleine LaChance 11 Maximum Honors
Ha Le 11 Maximum Honors
Son Le 11 Maximum Honors
Maya Levine 11 Maximum Honors
Peiyuan Lin 11 Maximum Honors
Martina Lopez 11 Honors
Ningxuan Lu 11 High Honors
Pengcheng Lu 11 High Honors
Huiqin Mao 11 High Honors
Dale Messer 11 Maximuim Honors
Hiep Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Khanh Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Nhung Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Quan Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Trung Nguyen 11 Maximum Honors
Athis Osathapan 11 Maximum Honors
Edgar Padilla 11 Honors
John Parrish 11 Honors
Savannah Richard 11 High Honors
Phoebe Shelburne 11 High Honors
Jordyn Shepard 11 High Honors
Daniela Tishchenko 11 Maximum Honors
Ayse Beyza Tumturk 11 Maximum Honors
Mehmet Tuncer 11 High Honors
Turec Akalin 12 High Honors
Charles Avery 12 Honors
Aurora Basnet 12 Maximum Honors
John Lucas Bellingall 12 Maximum Honors
Georgianna Brown 12 Maximum Honors
Asmaa Chaudhry 12 Maximum Honors
Yanru Chen 12 Maximum Honors
Julia Cloutier 12 Honors
Michael Cruz 12 Honors
Mikhail Galaktionov 12 Maximum Honors
Mustafa Gureltol 12 Maximum Honors
Yunxia Hallowell 12 Maximum Honors
Ziqi He 12 High Honors
Eugene Hong 12 Honors
Xiaochu Hu 12 High Honors
Craig Judicki 12 Maximum Honors
Gabriella Keser 12 Maximum Honors
Jessie Kong 12 Maximum Honors
Chloe LaDuke 12 Maximum Honors
Kirill Lazarev 12 Maximum Honors
Huong Le 12 Maximum Honors
May Le 12 Maximum Honors
Alexis Legowski 12 Maximum Honors
Manning Li 12 Honors
Anna Ludkiewicz 12 Maximum Honors
Oliver Mercier 12 High Honors
Haley Moriarty 12 Maximum Honors
Avery Murphy 12 High Honors
Gia Nguyen 12 High Honors
Hoang Nguyen 12 Maximum Honors
Matthew Niemczura 12 Maximum Honors
Nicolette Peterson 12 Maximum Honors
Morrigan Planter 12 High Honors
Chenxi Pu 12 High Honors
Olivia Ramirez 12 Maximum Honors
Jacob Roulier 12 High Honors
Cynthia Saygan 12 Maximum Honors
Sarah Scott 12 Maximum Honors
Emir Sengun 12 Honors
Arhum Shaikh 12 Maximum Honors
Sophia Sharp 12 Maximum Honors
Mengqi Sun 12 Maximum Honors
Pelin Top 12 High Honors
Zixun Wang 12 Maximum Honors
Talia Wiesel 12 Maximum Honors
Mengxi Wu 12 Honors
Hanbei Xiong 12 High Honors
Shiyu Zhao 12 Honors


8th Grade Rite of Passage 2019

There were plenty of happy tears and proud moments last night as students, family, friends, and faculty gathered together in celebration. The cause was to reflect on the school year past and wish our eighth graders good luck in high school at the 8th Grade Rite of Passage. We also thanked Head of Middle School Darcy Albanese for her six years of service to the school as she moves on to her next adventure.

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