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An interview with MacDuffie’s Michael Cruz by Perfect Game USA


In introducing you to Micheal Cruz, the talented outfielder at The MacDuffie School in Massachusetts, it is best to use his words when docmenting his journey from a young man in Puerto Rico to a college athlete at American International College this upcoming fall.

“The greatest challenge I have overcome was leaving my family/friends behind in Puerto Rico when I was 12 years old after my parent’s separation. I had to start a new life in the United States and also learn a new language. Throughout this journey, we also faced homelessness. We were moving from shelter to shelter and sometimes stayed in relative’s house. I had to switch schools multiple times and I also had to take a year off from baseball. After a couple years in the United States, I learned English and started excelling in my academics and on the baseball diamond. With hard work and dedication, I earned full scholarships to attend prep schools and eventually earned a scholarship to play at the Division 2 level,” Cruz shared.

“A person that inspires me is my mother Idaira Capeles,” Cruz continued, “I’ve seen this woman encounter so many hardships in life such as dealing with her disability (fibromyalgia) and homelessness. Throughout all these struggles, my mother has never given up on me or my little brother. She has taught me to always stay solid through any adversity and to always dream big. She is the main reason why I strive everyday to play at the next level.”

The courageous and determined athlete also gives immense credit to the selflessness and guidance of head baseball coach Neil Domer-Shank.

Come To The 2019 Spring Visual Art Show and Dance Concert!

The 2019 Spring Visual Art Show and Dance Concert is coming soon to a MacDuffie gymnasium near you!
Friday, May 3rd & Saturday, May 4th
Visual Art Show 6:30pm
Dance Concert  7:00pm.
Both are located in the Gymnasium
Featuring student visual artwork and student, faculty and guest choreography.
Tickets $6 at the door only.
Plenty of seating available.
Children 10 and under: free
MacDuffie Students covered by Student Activity Fee-Please sign in.
For more information, contact Ms. Muzzy

MacDuffie Attends Belchertown Library’s Storytime, Creates Their Own

American Literature students Matt from Palmer, John from South Hadley, and Hector from Denmark share their storybook at the Belchertown Public Library. Entitled, “Henry Saves the Day and So
Do You,” it was inspired by their reading of H. D. Thoreau Walden.

Juniors Beyza Tumturk and Phoebe Shelburne share their children’s book at the Belchertown Library’s Storytime. Inspired by their reading of Frederick Douglass, their book illustrated the value of literacy for the oppressed, especially girls.

Juniors Nicolas Wang and Fred Poom from China share their children’s book at Belchertown Library’s Storytime. Inspired by their study of Thoreau, it recounts the benefits of recycling through its hero, Bob, the aluminum can.