MacDuffie student clubs are an important part of community life. Their success depends largely on the initiative and sustained effort of students who become club organizers and leaders. In addition to gaining interesting opportunities to develop a vocation, students who are active members of clubs experience leadership opportunities and learn the value of commitment.

All students are encouraged to join a club and have the opportunity to sign up at the start of the school year during the Club Fair on Mountain Day.

Students wishing to form new clubs are encouraged to do so, by consulting with the Dean of Students and securing a faculty adviser in advance of forming the club.


STudent Admissions RepresentativeS, or STARS, are ambassadors for the MacDuffie community. STARS share their MacDuffie experience and conduct campus tours with prospective families at Open Houses, receptions and other special events.

When prospective students come to MacDuffie for Visit Days, STARS greet them in the library, take them to assembly, classes and lunch, introduce their friends and teachers and make their guests feel welcome in our community.

STARS are the voice and heart of MacDuffie.

Students in all grades are encouraged to participate.


This club is comprised of students who enjoy math and competing with students from other schools.  Mathletes compete as part of the Western Massachusetts Mathematics League (WMML) comprised of about 20 schools, both independent and public, throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Key Club     

An international organization focused on community service both locally and nationally. Community service enables students to become involved in important and worthwhile causes and encourages them to take responsibility for and leadership in their world.  Such activities prepare students for productive action as citizens in a caring democracy.

Recent projects include Pencils for Tanzania, Roses for Heidi, the Halloween Charity Dance, tutoring at Springfield schools and collecting clothes for the local Women’s Shelter.

Anime Club         

Anime has become one of the most popular forms of animation in history. The goal of Anime club is to branch out towards every sort of genre, along with anime from around the world.  Long time fan of anime, or you are just curious to learn more about it, feel free to join.

Snowsports Club     

The Snowsports Club plan a number of skiing/snowboarding trips throughout the year. The club includes members of all grades and skill levels of skiing or snowboarding.

Film Club

The Film Club will provide students with hands on experience in the art of film-making. This club allows students to explore their abilities to write, act and direct in a small setting. Students will analyze different types of films including but not limited to, documentaries, experimental pieces, stop motion, and animation. A history of film and film-making will be applied to the program in order to garner an overall appreciation for the visual medium. The goal of the club is to have each student create a short video to share with the community.

Photography Club   

Everyone who is interested in photographing is welcome!  Our goal is to cultivate people’s interest in and knowledge of photography and to give students experience.

As Schools Match Wits

As Schools Match Wits is a team of students who appear on the public television program “As Schools Match Wits”, where they compete with students from other public and private schools in the Pioneer Valley.  The competition tests students’ general knowledge in specific academic areas.  MacDuffie students must qualify by passing a preliminary test to be members of this team.  The team then meets regularly to prepare for the televised competition.

Chess Club

Playing chess exercises both sides of your brain, increases creativity and problem solving skills, teaches strategic planning and foresight, as well as, improving memory, reading, and concentration. Join the Chess Club for Asian and Western style chess.