Student Government

MacDuffie is strongly committed to the goal of encouraging students to develop their potential for leadership.  As a result, students enjoy a great deal of responsibility for community life at the School.

Elected student leadership opportunities includes Advisory Council, Judiciary Council, and the Prefect Program.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council oversee issues regarding student life and the School community.

The council comprises:

President of the Student Body

The President is the highest student officer in the School and assumes responsibility for generally overseeing all student activities.

Head of Student Council and VP of the Student Body

The Student Council has responsibility for School spirit and for upholding and honoring MacDuffie’s traditions and educating the student body about our traditions.

Middle School Senate President

The Middle School Senate meets weekly to discuss pertinent issues regarding student life and the Middle School community. It provides leadership opportunities and training for Middle School students.

Class Presidents and Vice Presidents

Elected each year by their classmates, they serve on the Student Council as well as leading their respective classes through activities throughout the year.

Judiciary Council

The Judiciary Council deals with student disciplinary issues and consists of two junior class members, two senior class members, one boarding student representative, two faculty members, and the Middle School Coordinator or Upper School Head.

Prefect Program

The position of Prefect represents the highest form of student leadership for The MacDuffie School. Prefects assume a major responsibility in the spirit of our school by helping to maintain the quality of life for both boarding and day students. They have the moral and ethical duty to lead by example, adhering to the guidelines and principles that govern community life.