Parent Association

Greetings from The MacDuffie School Parent Association! Our small school community consists of students and their families, alumni, faculty, and staff. The Parent Association is a volunteer driven group, which assists the school by providing a Wish List Fund, helps connect families to one another, provides volunteer support for school activities, connects families to the campus activities and news while helping to facilitate communication between the school and families. We’re a congenial group where “fellow members” often become friends. Whether you live far away or near the Granby, MA campus, consider getting involved; there is always an important role for you to play. Parent Association members take part by:

  • Participating in campus activities
  • Supporting and encouraging students
  • Being part of our fundraising activities
  • Sharing ideas to enrich campus life

Throughout the school year, you will see us volunteering during various school activities. At the annual back to school Ice Cream Social, we are there to welcome new and current families, sell MacDuffie gear and sign up new members. During theater productions, music, and dance performances we offer support by selling tickets, concessions and flowers. We also put on an annual teacher/staff breakfast during National Teacher’s Appreciation Day and hold special events, like in October we hold Socktober! Due to all our efforts over the past ten years, we have been able to provide a gift for each of the graduating seniors and for the eighth graders during their Rite of Passage ceremony, before entering the Upper School. Please join and like our FaceBook page to see what is going on with the Parent Association!

All of MacDuffie Parent Association funding comes from donations and fundraising events and sales. We are 100% volunteer run and do not collect membership dues. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us.

When you see us around, please feel free to stop us with any questions you might have or you can email us at We look forward to meeting all of you in the coming months.

The 2020-2021 MacDuffie School Parent Association Executive Board Members:

  • President: Mary O’Connor
  • Vice President: Anita Montanez-Barcome
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Griffin
  • Event Coordinator: Shaina Tramazzo
  • Recording Secretary: Jill Skibel

2020-2021 Meeting Dates:

Meetings will be held every second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in Room 2203, across from Mr. Griffin’s office.

As the country confronts COVID-19, our utmost priority is to help keep our members safe and healthy, while meeting the educational, as well as the social and emotional needs of all students, educators and families. Our plan will try to have all meetings at the school if possible, strictly following all of the state social distancing requirements. If this is not possible, then we will meet via Zoom. Updates of where the meetings will be held will be in the weekly Friday Mailbag or on The MacDuffie Parent Association FaceBook page.

The PA By-Laws are available for review. If you would like to become involved, please email