Wish List: Policy and Procedures

One of the mandates of the Parent Association (PA), as stated in our By-Laws, Article II, is to assist the School through projects, gifts, outreach and support. Below are the areas where policy and procedures have been described.

Please note: the PA reserves the right to change this policy without notice

Wish List sub-committee:

    • A maximum of 6 members
  • The treasurer must chair this subcommittee

Donation Cap:

  • $1000 donation cap, if account is above $4000 with all yearly purchases made as of April 15.

Application process:


    • The program for which the applicant is petitioning has been in existence for one academic year.
    • If a club is seeking a donation, it must fall under the MacDuffie definition of a club.
  • The group must have a faculty/staff advisor.

Selection process:

    • The Wish List subcommittee will read all applications and choose which groups will have the opportunity to present to the PA.
    • A special meeting will take place where selected groups will present to the PA. This meeting will take place just before the May PA meeting. All who are interested may attend. A suggested timeframe is 5:30-6:30pm for presentations and  6:30-7:30pm for the PA meeting.
    • The presentation will be no more than 10 minutes per group.
    • A vote will take place to determine if all or any of the groups will receive funding. It is a yes or no vote per applicant.
    • The subcommittee will meet to determine the funds that will be awarded.
    • The successful applicants will be contacted by the Treasurer
  • There is the intention to support groups from all sectors of the school


  • The Treasurer will notify all faculty and staff of this opportunity at the beginning of the school year and again upon return from March Break.