Guided Study Program

guided study

The Guided Study Program provides one-on-one academic support to capable MacDuffie students who have deficits or gaps in their academic skills. Students in this program may have had psychological-educational evaluations identifying areas of weakness, or may have long-term learning difficulties in specific subject areas.

This program is individualized to meet the student’s needs. Instruction is conducted in a one-on-one setting during the school day. Once enrolled in the program a student-specific educational plan is established. Educational plans are guided by recommendations provided through assessments, as well as input from the student, parents, and teachers. Guided Study targets specific learning strategies and skills and closely monitors student progress.

Support areas may include:

Writing development
Reading comprehension
Critical thinking skills
Organization and time management
Test preparation and study skills
Managing multi-step and long-term projects
Notebook organization
Math skills

This is a fee-based program. Minimum participation is usually one semester.